Wedding Dresses for Girls Latest Fashion Trends in 2013

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Wedding Dresses for Girls Latest Fashion Trends in 2013

The most important day for anyone in their lives is certainly the big day; their Wedding day. be it a women or a man, everybody gets prepared way before time to make this day a special one for them by every means, and taking into consideration every possible aspect to cover in the most effective manner to make a day memorable for their entire life. Well….that purpose can be achieved through different perspectives and there are lots many areas to cater to for a wedding.

Talking about Pakistani weddings; our celebration lasts for quite some long. The wedding is not just a day function here…instead for about a month celebrations goes on…starting off with dholkis and mayoun functions….the wedding festive normally ends up after Valima function, which is from men’s side. However, in this context, the most important headache is choosing the right and best of all dresses in town to wear on this special day. Therefore, today we’re putting up some of the best dresses ideas, which we’ve seen the most in year 2013, as follows;

Dressing up for Mayoun:
Normally, as per the tradition…the men’s side brings the yellow color dress for bride to wear on mayoun occasion. Now for those who are unaware of this custom…. Mayoun is celebrated in the festive mood for the bride, where mehndi and ubtan is put on bride’s hand by the seven happily married women to indicate the wedding will be a successful one with happiest relationship among them ever. Later, along with following of rasm, celebrations begin with singing songs on dholki music and dancing around on the hit numbers.

Wedding Dresses for Girls Latest Fashion Trends in 2013 Wedding Dresses for Girls Latest Fashion Trends in 2013

Now, more as the times have changed…the standard dressing norms have been diversified as well with more variant colors coming in for the functions. In today’s time…additionally with the traditional yellow color; more vibrant colors combo are being used as well, including green, oranges, purple, red and pinks etc. reflecting the happiness on the face of the bride.

Dressing up for Mehndi:
As for mehndi function too; more of vibrant colors are used as compared to earlier times; when yellow was the hard and fast rules while dressing up for mehndi’s occasion for the bride. But now as the time has changed; more experimentation has been come into practice in terms of clothing and dressing up. Presently, a combo of yellow, oranges, purples and pinks are the colors, which are widely used for dressing.

Wedding Dresses for Girls Latest Fashion Trends in 2013 Wedding Dresses for Girls Latest Fashion Trends in 2013

However, the cuts that are extensively used in the year 2013 for this includes flairy shirts like;
–    A-line panel shirts
–    12, 16 and 18 panel frocks with chooridars
–    Angrakhas
–    Straight long shirts with long slits with capris

Embellishments over the dress make it even prettier and fancy to wear it for a special occasion like this one. Normally dabka, stones work, tilla and hand work is quite in for the season, 2013.

The main wedding day…Baraat…over more than 6 months prior to this day, preparations starts taking place in terms of dress selection and finalization, which is again a fussy job to do…since out of so many available choices, you just need to make one. As for the day… the choices are enormous nowadays with having the collection available all over Pakistan at leading bridal wear stores. The choices of styles includes with long shirts for 2013;

Wedding Dresses for Girls Latest Fashion Trends in 2013 Wedding Dresses for Girls Latest Fashion Trends in 2013

–    Open slit long shirts with lehangas
–    Shararas & ghararas
–    Fish tail lehanges
–    Gowns
–    Flair frocks with chooridars

Whichever you pick out of these is the bride’s choice with the type of embellishment to be put on the dress to make it a perfect outfit for the wedding day.

The last function day of the wedding festivities…Valima! Talking about the dress styling on this specific day of Valima…normally pastel colors are used, since all the prior functions are filled up with all the bright and vibrant colors; therefore selection of pastel colors for this occasion in order to tone it down are chosen including;
–    Pistachios
–    Light green
–    Lilacs

Wedding Dresses for Girls Latest Fashion Trends in 2013 Wedding Dresses for Girls Latest Fashion Trends in 2013-9

Almost all the lighter shades of the hues palette are deployed when selecting the perfect attire for this day.

However, with changing times we’re witnessing many more new and latest trends coming in the fashion world. In recent times, many new faces in the fashion industry have been seen and they have been experimenting with the cuts, hues and contrasts to bring up something new, trendy and exciting for the customers to make their occasions brighter and memorable for the rest of their lives. Since the wedding is the foremost day for everyone’s life…therefore they all take special measures to have the best of everything for this day and for that too much variety is seen in bridals market attire too.

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