Latest GTA 5 Game System Requirements for PC

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GTA 5 has been developed by the Rockstar Games; a British series creator, which is a sequel to the Grand Theft 4. They have intentionally released its teasers with some minimum information, and deciding to reveal its screenshots over time throughout the time, till its release. One of the representatives from the Rockstar Games said, we do so not to irritate our fans, but to create hype and bring to our fans bundle of surprises on actual release, so they enjoy the game at the maximum with its features.

Latest GTA 5 Game System Requirements for PCLatest GTA 5 Game System Requirements for PC

GTA 5 has been one of the most anticipated games of 2013, and is planned to be released on 17th September, for its fans to have one copy, which looks amazingly tempting to the gaming lovers.

GTA 5 Requirements for PC:
GTA 5 installation requirements differ from those for the PS and Xbox. For the users of simple PC or laptop; the installation requisites recommended are as follows;
–    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad with 3.66 GHz or equivalent AMD
–    Memory/RAM: 4 GB
–    Video Card: 512 MB NVIDIA 7900 or 512 MB ATI X1900
–    Hard disk space: 30-40 GB
–    Operating System: Windows Vista SP2 or Window 7-8 SP

Latest GTA 5 Game System Requirements for PCLatest GTA 5 Game System Requirements for PC

9 new GTA 5 Screenshots Revealed:
Rockstar Games have unveiled some real 9 new GTA 5 screenshots lately that offer insights to the story board of the game. These launched screenshots displays show air, sea and land-based action, indicating once again that this game will prove to be the first of its kinds allowing the players to have a series of adventurous underwater action with scuba diving gear. Moreover, some of the weapons used in the game have been showcased in the snapshots as well, which were shown on Sony E3 press conference on 10th June.

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    i cant wait for gta 5 to come out, will it be on ps3 or xbox first?

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