Latest Android Operating System for Smartphones 2013-14

In this advance and revolutionized world,smart phones phones are becoming smarter day by day. People are becoming highly addicted to these types of gadgets now. A smart phone is an operating system based phone which is completely different than a feature phone, with advanced computing capability and connectivity. The smart phones are designed as PDA’S, which means personal digital assistance with a mobile phone, so it becomes a mobile device which becomes a personal information manager or a personal digital assistant. PDA’S are largely considered obsolete widespread adoption of smart phones. Nearly every PDA has the ability to connect to the internet.

A PDA with its flat panel display or we can call it as electronic visual display, enables the smart phones for web browsing, or works as a portable media player or acts as a mobile phone as well. It also makes it possible for intranets extranets via Wi-Fi or wireless wide area net works. Most of PDA’S employ touch screen technology.

Latest Android Operating System for Smartphones 2013-14

High speed internet or data access is provided by Wi-Fi or mobile broad bands. In the recent years , rapid development of mobile apps market and of mobile commerce are the drivers of smart phone adoption. Devices that conceptualized computing and telephony were termed as smart phones in early era’s, which already distinguishes visibly between a smart phone and a feature phone.One of the most significant difference in them is Advanced Programming Interfaces running on android phones, for running the third party assistance which allows the applications to have better integration with the phone’s operating system and hardware than its typical in the feature phone.

Some manufacturers and developers use the term Super phones for their high end phones with expensive and large features.SYMBIAN is the mobile operating system designed for the smart phones, it was  originally developed by PSION and was later on passed to and managed by Symbian Ltd. The first Symbian touch screen was designed and launched in year 2000. The latest mobile operating systems used by smart phones include Google’s Android, Apple’s I’os, Nokia Symbian and Microsoft Windows phone. World wide sale of smart phones have over took the sales of feature phones in 2013

2013 is going to be the year of smart phones. Its going to be a big year or at least an year for big smart phones. Most notably, Samsung, LG, I phone have all their plans signaled for 2013, but still some big names are missing from the list. Apple will have more phones this year , the most rumored phone , the 6th generation of Apple THE I phone 6, is to be launched soon , the most rumored phone this year indeed !. No wonder every one’s really interested about the upcoming 6th generation of Iphones, that what will Apple do and how its going to fight back. People are gossiping that Apple is going to launch  two of its gadgets this year, i Phone  5S in summers and i PHONE 6 in later autumn. A big change is expected from APPLE this year with the induction of IO’S

So still we are expecting much un expected this  year that what is to be launched in smart phones, with the tough and competitive prices in mobile market.

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