Zanjeer (2013) Movie First Weekend Box Office Collection Report

“Zanjeer” is an Indian Hindi language movie, which has been recently released in the cinemas all around the world. With the passing time; increasing numbers of movies are hitting the silver screens of cinema halls, and because of that these places are getting crowded every day. As a result of this growing number of audiences in India, movies releasing in present age are getting much and much bigger businesses and increased earnings along with good rating scale of box office verdicts.

Zanjeer (2013) Movie First Weekend Box Office Collection Report

In lieu of the above, today we’re presenting you the overview of the movie “Zanjeer” along with the running business the movie has made in its very first week of release. The details are listed below;

Rating: 2/5 stars (Two Stars)

What’s Good: Based on the old Zanjeer, the film ultimately is an undeniably novel concept.

What’s Bad: Needless tinkering of a story that was better left untouched.

Loo break: Some for sure!

Release date:
The movie has released on 6th September, 2013 not just in India but all around the world too. The premiere of the movie has been quite successful and more than expectation have audiences come to watch this amazing movie.

The movie is basically action based, along with a touch of thrill in the sequences and has been excellently justified to the story genres.

Selecting the right cast is the utmost task for the success of the movie. Therefore, one has to be very cautious in choosing the right ones, who would fit in perfectly for their roles. For this movie too, the director has selected the top-notched actors including;

1.    Ram Charan Teja
2.    Priyanka Chopra
3.    Sanjay Dutt
4.    Mahie Gill
5.    Prakash Raj
6.    Atul Kulkarni
7.    Daya Shanker Pandey

From the release of the movie, and with the very first premiere of it in the cinema screens, everybody has seemed to wow their performances and the won the hearts of their fans through their outstanding acting skills.

Undoubtedly, for the success of any movie, the music has to be very catchy and up to the mark to attract the large number of fans even before the release of the movie. Therefore, with special consideration; the music of the movie “Zanjeer” has been meticulously composed by Meet Bros Anjjan. Chirantan Bhatt and Anand Raj Anand.

The script of the movie has been beautifully written by Apoorva Lakhia. The movie has a strong story board, on which the story revolves.

Director & Producer:
“Zanjeer” has been produced by the joint efforts of Mahi’s Entertainment, Puneet Prakash Mehra, Sumeet Prakast Mehra and Flying Turtle Films, whereas it is directed by Poorya Lakhiya.

Zanjeer Business Verdict:
For the success of the movie; every bit counts and it’s the team work that makes everything big and even bigger to be successful on the silver screen. Therefore, not only the director, producer has worked well to make it a one success…but actors, behind the camera crew and everyone else who played their parts. However, talking about the total box office income of Zanjeer on the very first day of its release,

we get to know that it has remained quiet on the higher scale as compared to those of the movies who got their release subsequently to this movie on the silver screens. Moreover, it is also expected out of this movie that with much ease it will gain 60-70% of the occupancy on its release day, since the movie has made around Rs. 12 Crore of business on the 1st day of its release in the box office verdicts, which is a true reflection of how successful the movie sounds to be and with how much attraction it has grabbed the attention of large scale audiences.

The total budget of the movie was Rs. 43 Crore, which is expectedly be covered quiet shortly, since the movie is already doing pretty good with its viewing. Zanjeer’s story board is perfect, its cast is awesome with their amazing acting skills to keep the audiences hooked up non-stop to the screens, the songs of the movie are so mesmerizing….everything is fabulously blended to make it a complete package for entertaining  the movie audiences, who specially takes time out to come to cinema halls.

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