Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Movie Box Office Collection Earning Report

Watch/Download Online Free Videos The movie was surprisingly terrific animated feature,deftly adapted a children’s picture book in to a hilarious genre-blending mix of mad science run amok and action adventure disaster.It’s strange to think that the most pointed critique of Steve Jobs and apple can be found hands of the animated sequel to an adaption […]

Super Model (2013) Movie Box Office Collection Earning Report

The plot is about someone aspiring to be a super model.Only here there are five of them vying for the coveted title that will make one of the chicks richer by 101 Crore .No prizes for guessing that the winner will by Veena Malik. There is little thought put into coming up with even a […]

Rush (2013) Movie Box Office Collection Earning Report

Rush is based on the true story of formula one adversaries James hunt,a swaggering rock star , A Niki Lauda, a tersely pragmatic Austrian with zero social skills and an itchy middle finger,as they vied for the 1976 world championship title.If you know anything about these two quite gentlemen, its that one them will be […]

Don John (2013) Movie Box Office Collection Earning Report

Don John shoots these numerous club moments as montages .after the fifth or sixth time the exact same montage is played with a different woman,one starts to wonder what the hell got cut out of the movie since sun dance.Another set of montages might provide that answer:Since Jon is addicted to porn,or “PAAUHHN” as it […]

Warning 3D (2013) Movie Box Office Collection Earning Report

Warning 3D is the first underwater movie shot in Fiji, in the south Pacific Ocean in just 42 days. This is a thriller movie ,when 7 friends who have planned a reunion party on a Match in the middle of the ocean.But this fun filled party turns into the biggest night mare when they all […]

Grand Masti Opening First Day Box Office Collection Earning Report

Bollywood another hit sequel Grand Masti movie released on this Friday 13th September 2013 at Bollywood cinemas, In the opening 1st day Grand Masti movie is prove the Bollywood 2013 4th highest opening collection of box Office film Grand Masti 1st day earning is Rs.12.50 Crores and beat make record of Himmatwala which made only 12 […]

Zanjeer (2013) Movie First Weekend Box Office Collection Report

“Zanjeer” is an Indian Hindi language movie, which has been recently released in the cinemas all around the world. With the passing time; increasing numbers of movies are hitting the silver screens of cinema halls, and because of that these places are getting crowded every day. As a result of this growing number of audiences […]

Shuddh Desi Romance Movie Opening 1st Day Box Office Collection

In present times, we are witnessing huge budgeted movies being made in the Bollywood film industry. People are investing more money in the movies today, since it is becoming very rewarding in terms of doubling the invested amount. Talking about this movie in particular; “Shuddh Desi Romance” is an average budgeted movie with Rs. 20 […]

Satyagraha 1st Weekend Box Office Collection Report

Satyagraha is the last release from the Bollywood film industry. The movie is about the socio-political issues, which are faced by the society domestically on every other day and how they at one point in time, wakes up for their rights. The movie has been amazingly made and therefore has been receiving fabulous responses from […]

Chennai Express Box Office Collection Report Break All Records

Day by day Bollywood cinematic industry is growing on worldwide basis through their outstanding movies and their performance verdicts on the box office ratings. They have deploying the latest state of the art technologies in their movies through every aspect to make it bigger and better, in turn giving the ultimate viewing experience to the […]

QMobile Noir A500 Specs, Review, Q A500 Used & New Price in Pakistan

Qmobile is getting expansion day by day with their compatible smartphones with their latest series of Noir phones. They have produced some real good phones in their line and through their user-friendly mode has captured large market share in a very short span of time. Q-mobile phones are getting much in demand and with their […]

QMobile Noir A900 Specs, Review, Q A900 Used & New Price in Pakistan

Q-mobile is with every passing day is making advancement through their state of the art technology being deployed in their cell phones production. They have released their smart phone series and have shown some remarkable cell phones in recent times with highly compelling and attractive features. In a very short span of time, we’ve seen […]

QMobile Noir A600 Specs, Review, Q A600 Used & New Price in Pakistan

Q-mobile has a wide range of smartphones manufactured in latest times and launched their series of Noir, with different models of smartphones coming out with captivating features. They have gained the market attention very quickly through their smart features, quality points and user-friendly mode, as well as the most important aspect of lying within the […]

QMobile Noir A700 Specs, Review, Q A700 Used & New Price in Pakistan

Qmobile has been working from quite some time now in pledge of making the best smartphones around town and has been very much successful in attaining their purpose. They have launched some real smartphones, in the world of cell phones race today and have established a well-reputed name for themselves in the Pakistani market, as […]

Latest Nokia Lumia Mobile Phone 2013 Models Price in Pakistan

Nokia is a well-established and well-known brand, engaged in the business of cell phones manufacturing, all over the world. They have since its start, developed state of the art technology phones of its times. Most commonly, Nokia cell phones are known for its user-friendly features and for this reason is the most widely phone by […]

Latest 2013 Best Mobile Phone Range Between 15000 to 20000 in Pakistan

Cell phones market has developed a way far over time and has seen enormous growth especially in present times, with more and more advancement in technology. When you go out in market, looking out to buy a new cell phone for yourself, you get shocked to see so many models with different pricing range. However, […]

Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Latest Xperia Models Prices In India 2013

Sony has a long way to go in the business of smartphones industry. They have produced some real classy phones, by the name of Xperia, which are sleek, trendy and very easy to use with highly compelling features. We’re going to list down here some of the latest releases by Sony Ericsson in line of […]

QMobile Noir A50 Spec, Review, Q A50 Used & New Price in Pakistan

Q A50 is yet another smart launch made by Q-mobile in the series of their Noir smartphones. The phones possess some real amazing features, which we will be listing down here. But the verdict has been declared…and that is their continuous efforts in making the most easy to use smartphones, with less complications, and that […]

QMobile Noir A950 Android Phone Specs & Price in Pakistan

Qmobile has launched another smartphone in the line of their Noir series; A950. This phone like other in the noir series comes with some real amazing features, offering to its users. Detailed specifications and offered features of the phone are detailed below; Operating System: Noir A950 is powered by Android operating system, with v4.1 Jelly […]

QMobile Noir A15 3D Used & New Price in Pakistan, Review and Specifications

QMobile has deployed technology at its best in the range of their smartphones and have gotten excellent results from that too….and because of that they are in continuous efforts of producing top-notched phones to satisfy ultimate customers need, by providing them everything they want in one handset. In pledge of meeting up to this requirement, […]
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