Jason Statham Upcoming Movies 2013-2014 List

Jason Statham Upcoming Movies 2013-2014 List

Statham was born in shire brook, derbshire, England, son of Eileen, a dancer, a street seller and lounge singer. He moved to Great warmouth ,Norfolk, where he initially choose not to follow his father’s career working in the local markets stalls and decided to pursue the arts. His germ up playing football, he practiced daily in perfecting his diving techniques and was also a member of National squad squad for twelve years. He had a great interest n sports and he love to play sports, he is a model actor.


Jason Statham Upcoming movies:

Movie name Release date:
The expendables 3 Friday august 15,2014
Fast and the furious Friday July,11 ,2014
Heat 2014
Home front 27 November Tuesday, 2013


The Expendables 3 (2014):
In the expendables 3, all the cast and rest of the team comes face to face with Cornered Stone banks (Mel Gibson), who years ago co founded. The expendables 3 is the movie needing to save the president of the United States .While on the mission, they clash with several younger, technology oriented action heroes. THE MOVIE is directed by Patrick Hughes.

Fast and the Furious 7 (2014):
The movie is directed by James Wan, Fast and the Furious 7 continues after Dominic Torte to and his crew took down Owen Shaw, His brother, Lan Shaw, now wants revenge.
The film will return to Los Angeles after the previous five films were set in other locations.
Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle, JASON are the cast of the movie.

Heat (2014):
The movie is the remake of 1986 film.     The movie is about clamber whose addiction led him to the streets of Vegas; Nick Escalante takes odd jobs providing security to support his addiction. His professional lives collide when his friend is brutally beaten and was numb, him take to the mob.

Home Front (2013):
The movie is directed by Gary Fleer and the story is based on the book By a Chuck Logan. In this movie Jason Statham who moves to a small town in the hope of a quiet life but runs afoul of a villainous meth kingpin named Gator. The movie genre is based on Action and will attained success.

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