Sylvester Stallone Upcoming Movies 2013-2014 List

Sylvester Stallone Upcoming Movies 2013-2014 List

Sylvester  Stallone was born in new York and attended school in Philadelphia. An accident during birth severed a facial nerve, leaving parts of his lip, tongue, chin paralysed.The adult repercussions of the incident have come to signify Stall one’s recognizable slurred speech patterns and drooping lower lip.

These defects in his early life left him a sick child who suffered from m rickets and to add to the streets, his parents were constantly arguing and struggling to support him and his younger brother, Frank Stallon.He used to play fencing, football.

Stallone has been married three times. At age of 28 on Dec 28 1974. He married Sasha Czack from Pennslyvia.the couple had two sons, Sage Moon blood and Seargobh.His younger son was diagnosed with autism at an early agate couple divorced on Feb. 14, 1985.He married model and actress Brigitte Nielsen, were highly published by the tabloid press in may 1997, Stallone married Jennifer Flavin, with whom he has three daughters, Sophia, Sistence and Scarlet.

Sylvester Stallone Upcoming movies:

The expendables 3    2014
Reach Me    2014
Grudge Match    2013
Escape Plan    2013

The expendables 3 (2014):
In the expendables 3, all the cast and rest of the team comes face to face with Cornered Stone banks (Mel Gibson), who years ago co founded. The expendables 3 is the movie needing to save the president of the United States .While on the mission, they clash with several younger, technology oriented action heroes. THE MOVIE is directed by Patrick Hughes.

Reach me (2014):
The movie is directed and produced by John Hers fled. The film centers on a group of people connected to an infamous self help book return by an exclusive ex football coach… the movie are pretending in a good way.  The feel good indie ‘’Reach Me’’ starring Sylvester Stallone has been pulled from the kick starter. Despite that it’s already hit $250.00 goal out there..!

Grudge Match (2013):
In this movie Stallone play Billy Kid McDonnell and Hennery Sharp, two, vocal Pittsburgh fighters whose fierce rivalry put them in the national spot light. The movie is directed by Peter Segal. The producers are Johnson, Michael Ewing, Billy Gerber and Mark Steven.

Escape plan (2013):
The star of action Sylvester Stallone and Arnold  team up in action thriller movie Escape Plan. Stallone , the worlds foremost authority on structural security , agrees to take on the last job, the movie is much interesting in its way. As played by the big stars of Hollywood movie will attained high success.

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