Indian Girl Marries Dog In Traditional Ceremony Video Watch & Download

Indian Girl Marries Dog In Traditional Ceremony Video Watch & Download

In India a Girl marries with dog. The entire ceremonies Video are now uploaded at our website. Here now download and watch online this shame full wedding ceremony video. The Indian teen age girl married with a pet dog. A local guru told him to his family that if that girls merry with a man, that many become may be the cause of destruction to him family. A baffled dog which name “Sheru” was brought to this ceremony in car. Many relative of the bride are welcome the dog to coming in the ceremony. The bride Mangli which is not come to the school she said, that she was not happy to married with dog ,but insisted that will be help to change in the future. the most funny this is that dog is sleeping on the “Shadi Mandup”.

According to the Bride, “I am marrying a dog because the village elders believe that my evil spell will be passed on to the dog  after that done the man I will marry and spend the whole life.” The bride father brings him to a stray dog to him to become a husband of her daughter. The dog “Sheru” was pampered during the ceremony. The villager’s said there is no effect on the Mangli life. In this local Traditional dumming and approxmatilly 70 relative and villegers are attending this cermany.

At the end the Bride said that “I will marry with man one. It is the dream of the every girl to merry with a prince charming. So I am also waiting for the prince charming.”

Here now you can watch and download the video of the Indian girls who have merry with Dog. Here all the funny and most excited video are uploaded. Visit to our website and watch online and download these video free from here.

Indian Girl Marries Dog In Traditional Ceremony Video.

Indian Girl Marries Dog In Traditional Ceremony Video.
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