Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Complete All Songs Collection, Bohemia Hit Songs List

Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Complete All Songs Collection, Bohemia Hit Songs List

Bohemia is known in the music industry scene as one of his kind in rap music, which he sings in English…even if the song is in Hindi, Punjabi and English itself. Sounds strange…isn’t it? Yes it surely does and certainly that’s the edge factor that has lifted his fame this up. Nobody has seen to be doing this kind of rapper experimentation in times earlier and not even now as his followers; therefore he stands out among the all rappers.

The original name of Bohemia is Roger David, who is a Christian by religion, since he tells that his grandfather in Punjab converted from Sikhism to Christianity for some reasons, but Bohemia himself declares not to be a religious person. He took this name of Bohemia, since it means the flouting traditional more and for him, rap is about personal anxiety or a combination of variant features. He had lost her mother when he was only 14 or 15, which made him quite mad from within. He then found music in himself, and especially when they moved to US, he was in the phase of learning music.

He tells, that his father used to play harmonium and he learnt keyboard. He had spent a tough life initially in US, by sleeping in cars, and used to perform on events like birthdays and marriages. He was in the middle of performing with Punjabi musical stars, when he showed his interest in doing something that would make him stand out from the rest lot, and there he released his first album in year 2002, Vich Pardesan De and then there was no ending for him. He released number of hit albums and singles in his career by now, which includes;

Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Complete All Songs Collection, Bohemia Hit Songs List Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Complete All Songs Collection, Bohemia Hit Songs List

Bohemia Hit Album Songs:

1.    Pesa Nasha Pyar Download
–    bhul ja
–    chod do
–    desi
–    do that dance
–    every day
–    favorite spot
–    rilly though
–    Gangster
–    Intro
–    kali denali
–    kurti ft sir punj
–    mundeya toh bachke
–    nachiye
–    Remind me
–    saade warga
–    sahara ft k-ji
–    sahara ft k-ji (remix)
–    2 of the best
–    Veera
–    welcome to outfit

2.    Vich Pardesan De Download
–    sajjna de bina
–    Jack Daniel
–    Mr. langshaft
–    Spanish lick
–    the message
–    akhri manzil
–    Another level
–    Bohemia
–    Intro
–    It’s not my fault
–    My life
–    Nobody step to us
–    Ride with me
–    vich pardesan de

3.    Da rap star downloads
–    Guess who is back (intro)
–    ek tera pyar feat devika
–    diwana
–    eitbaar (trust me)
–    gunagaar (sinner)
–    punjabi rap star
–    420
–    ishq feat malkit singh
–    dil feat. devika
–    desi munde feat. j-hind
–    sahara labh se feat. j-hind
–    bumpin ma song feat. j-hind
–    punjabi rap star (extend mixx)
–    dil accapela feat. devika
ek tera pyar love groove mixx

4.    Singles:
–    Maar charapa – Surpunj, Rish Rich, Bohemia
–    My Shoes ft bohemia and middle man
–    Bohemia & Indee 500
–    Bohemia – CC2C (Hindi)
–    Desi Hip Hop ft DeepCold_ J-Hind_ Sonny Brown_ Kamla Punjabi
–    Desi Hip Hop ft J-Hind & Sonny_Kamla Punjabi
–    Bohemia – All around the world
–    Kala Doria Remix ft JKwon
–    Kali Denali Streets Remix
–    The Punjabi Dil_Mix
–    Diwana (Bohemia Street Bass Mixx)
–    Dunali (Bohemia feat. Mika)
–    ek addhe sutte nal
–    Ek Tera Pyar [D J Rana & Bohenia] Da Rap Star Mix
–    Bohemia – 3 freestylez
–    Bohemia Vs. Tupac-sahara remixes July 2008
–    deewana (dj pal)
–    dil (dhol mixx) dj shiva
–    Dil-BohemiaRemixJAM
–    Dj Robin – Dil (Rap)
–    iQ – Chalo ft Bohemia
–    Kali Denali the mix
–    Kali Donal lift Bohemia-MDP
–    Bohemia-Bhangra.Phenomenon
–    I Got the Picture
–    Keep It Gangster
–    Bohemia – Charso Bees 420 Brothers in groove tech
–    Ek Tera Pyaar (Club Mix) By NIK.
–    Kali De Nali_Dj EmWee Ft. Bohemia_Hip-Hop mix
–    ek tera pyar reggaton mix

All of his songs received a huge fan following and much appreciation for her different kind of a rapper work, that he started. Many of his songs top the rapper charts, and is hummed in heads of its fans for longer period of time. But that doesn’t stop him. He has a long way to go and knowing this fact, he is the pledge of producing some extraordinary rapper numbers that have by now and will definitely in future too, would open new horizons for success. So, for all of his fans, keep your fingers crossed; for he is going to rap and bang your heads hard with his unbeatable rapper numbers.


  1. tariq aslam says:

    i love bihimia and i am a ist fane of bohimia

  2. wasemmia says:

    I am u fane bohemian I think u all word of good singer asaaaanoo labhna nai tray waraga singer very great sing I love u all song bay wasemmia@gmail. Com

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