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Desi Thumka Song Information

Song: Desi Thumka
Singer: Bilal Saeed & Nouman Khalid
Lyrics: Bilal Saeed & Nouman Khalid
Music: Bilal Saeed


Desi Thumka Song Lyrics

Menu pehn pulekhe tere
Main vekha jehdiyaa raavan
Menu pehn pulekhe tere
Haan pehn pulekhe tere
Kangna khadd kandi jaa
Akhiyaan matkandi jaa
Langhdi sharmandi tu
Kol aandi jaa
Maar chadappa paundi jaa
Jhanjhar chadkaundi jaa
Laal parandaa pa ke ni tu
Desi thumka laa
When you come around
And you pop it and drop it
Baby I am like don it you stop it
Just keep on moving that body
Amereki chasma te UK wali boli ae
Facebook te beh ke assan
Teri kundali kholi ae
Khich khich tasveer aan
Zanjeer aan sadde dil utte paundi
Seene agg laundi
Chadiyan de ni tu dil dharkandi jaa
Maar chadappa paundi jaa
Jhanjhar chhadkaundi jaa
Laal paranda pa ke ni tu
Desi thumka laa
I be like OSAMA at the end comrade
I rock and roll Stop N Go
Gimme a mic and I amma rock this sh t move show
I like my beats fast bass low
Master chief in Hey low
Ay Yo Drop down baby
Shake it like J Lo
See they se I am not gotta
They se I am not hood
But I amma pretty boy
And for me thats pretty good
Sit back and no stressing
Cuz I am legend
Nakhre ne bhahre te aape thori halki ae
Nache te lagde jeve bottle koyi chalki ae
Likh likh o msg
Kar kar callan apne card mukave
Chad de tu siyapa
Aaj sadde nal BB pin vata
Maar chadappa paundi jaa
Jhanjhar chhadkaundi jaa
Laal paranda pa ke ni tu
Desi thumka laa
O tera desi thumka
Ni tera desi thumka

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