Hollywood Top 10 Best Action Movies List of All Time

Without any doubts, Hollywood is the top film making industry, world over. Following their footsteps, many countries have ventured in this field and developed their individual industries; but up till now there have been no other like movie maker as Hollywood. Known for their movies genre in romance, action, thriller, suspense, and what not…they’ve hit every aspect of the life in their movies with the depiction of nearly thousands of movies on to their credits so far. However, today we’re going to review here some of the best ever made action movies in Hollywood, which received quite a fame and scored really well on the box offices for a longer period of time.

1.    Wanted:

Wanted (2008) Action movie
Started off with the first movie that is “Wanted”. This was one, known much for its action genre, in which the story revolves around the assassins with some superhero qualities; who can bend the bullets and can do some mean tricks with the cars around.

2.    Die Hard:

Die Hard action movie
Die hard; a series of action sequences with the brilliant acting of Bruce Willis is certainly to be listed down here as one of the most famous action movies produced in Hollywood. This has been one of the pure action movies, ever made in the industry with no other genre. The movie was wonderfully directed by John McTieman, along with fitted in the role of perfect ultimate villain by Alan Rickman, the movie did superb in the box office ratings.

3.    The Terminator:

The Terminator
Terminator reminds me of my childhood times; and the movie used to scare me like hell. Being an all-time classic movie, screening shots of car chases, gunshot-outs, bad 80’s haircuts, with a killer robot with German accent from the future; a combination that has made the movie an interesting watch in its times. The movie was directed by James Cameron and casting was Linda Hamilton, Paul Winfield and certainly the great, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

4.    Gold Finger:

Gold Finger action movie
One of the James Bond movies, which has said to be setting standards for the bonds sequels, is the one named “Gold Finger”. This was the third film in the franchise, which successfully established the standard in action world. Moreover, the film was recognized for creating the firt megalomaniacal villain with a super-powered henchman, along with gadget filled vehicle and accessories. The movie had a great sound track as well.

5.    Drunken Master:

Drunken Master action movie
The movie, which was also known as The Legend of Drunken Master was a Jackie Chan movie, which surely had thrill, creativity in action moves, funny, and often offering life-threatening action sequences. The movie made a great place for itself in the movies chart list for action ones; due to the successful combination of above ingredients.

6.    True Lies:

True Lies action movie
The ultimate movie offering real-time action was on the credits of Arnold Shcwarzenegger. His fans had a great time watching this movie around and then over and over again, for its best played as action hero, armed with a bit of sense of humor as well. The movie offers real grand action sequences, along with some romantic comedy adding a lighter flavor in the movie.

7.    The Rock:

The Rock action movie
My all-time favorite hero from Hollywood Industry…yes Nicolas Cage! This movie belongs to him and he has won this completely with his perfect acting as an action hero, leaving no hitches behind. It’s though quite hard to believe now that the movie has become 12 years older; but its fans stills remembers the action sequences filmed in the movie, with amazing car chases scenes, gun fights, escaping zones and the characters chemistry in between, which made the movie a real hit.

8.    The Matrix:

The Matrix ation movie
The Matrix… has made it to this list being the greatest hi-tech modernized action movie of its times, later on whose sequel came as well. Though the concept of the movie was hard to understand and cope up with; yet the movie made a superb performance over box office chart. Keanu Reeves has been hunted out as the “One” man to save their planet, from the damaging species. The action of the movie gathers up with special effects, that we’ve never seen before in any platform.

9.    True Lies:

True Lies
Another real action movie, with great fun and comedy scenes; is having Bill Paxton in the movie as an hilarious secret agent. The movie displays over the top action, great performances by the cast, which was made the last epic movie by Arnold Schwarzenegge. The movie has a lot more to offer to its viewers and therefore became one of the finest light mood action movies ever produced.

10.    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade action movie
In my list of all-time best action movies, ever produced in the Hollywood industry….certainly has a space for this one! This is a flawless movie, making it a great watch. From adventures to fun comic side…the movie has everything to offer at the very right point. The plot of the movie, casting, actions sequences are all combined it to make a movie superhit. The movie stars the famous Harrison Ford, Sean Corney and the Alison Doody.

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