Girls Latest Hair Trends in Summer/Spring 2013

Who doesn’t want to look good? If the question be asked to someone, the reply would certainly be everyone! Without any doubts or qualms; the notion remains alike to look beautiful and gorgeous by adapting fashion trends in much ways, be it outfits, make-overs, hair styling…in any way the list may go on. However, the beauty is further alienated as natural and artificial in today’s world.

Here, we’ll take a sneak peak in fashion capacity for hair styling; that are most likely to be adapted in Summers/Spring season in 2013! Since summers brings extreme heat and dryness; women tend to adapt those hair styles, which are comparatively comfortable than others by every means. However the latest hair trends that are expected to be seen in this summer are listed below.

Knot-ups:Knot-ups hairstyle

Knot-up hairs are most generally done by many women around the corner, when they want to find a comfort zone, while working or being engaged somewhere. This has found to be the most “in-style” for hair-dos, by pinning up the hairs on top, making it a bun. One can carry this style, by improvising some grooves in it for outgoing purposes.



Centre parting hairstyle Youthvocal.comCentre parting:

This style is comparatively old fashioned, but is now seen to be making a back this summer in town. In this styling, you comb hairs to part the hair sides from its centre. Not only in open hairs; but centre parting can be worn with various styles to look even trendier in appearance, such as creating waves/curls in your hairs, or making a low pony tail with it.




Side parting:Side parting hairstyle

Side parting has always in, when it comes to styling your hairs in a comfortable manner. Be it a party, an outing, work…this style works everywhere by giving a sleek and elegant look to your face.




Fringes:Fringes hairstyle

Introduced by many hair stylists in several techniques of front and side; fringes has always proved to create a dramatic look in one’s appearance. Bangs, wispy ends, parted strands in your hairs will always work out for you in summers.




Messy hair:Messy hair hairstyle

Many of you must have heard women crying over “it’s a messy hair day”…the proverb is said to be true, since the style has become so common over time because of its easiness and comfort. Numerous hair sprays have been brought in to the market to give a messy hair look with added glow for evening wears as well, which gives a very sensual touch to one’s outlook.


Bob/Short hairs:Bob Short hairstyle

Bob an old-fashioned hair style carried by mid ages women; is again in for the ones who wants to reinvent themselves. Considering heat factor in summers, the straight shoulder length hairs or with shorter locks, adds much sophistication.



Blow dry layers:17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Blow dry works best with layered hairs, especially with evening or formal get-togethers. The hair style looks much elegant by leaving your hair ends tangled.




Curls:Curls Hair style

Natural curls apart; stylists offer adding artificial curls to the hairs. They are normally best for afternoon outings or formal gathering, especially when somebody wants to give themselves a classy and elegant touch.



Colored hair style


Colored hairs:

In old times; people used to color their hairs to give themselves a young look. However; coloring or dying your hairs have become increasingly fashionable in today’s time. Many women get their hairs dye to make a statement; which stand you out astoundingly well in glam world. However the tough decision is to choose the right color for your hairs, reflecting your personality.



In present market, there have been quite many hues available matching your hair texture, which one can choose to experiment with hairs. It not only gives a fresher look to you face, but every color seems to speak for itself and describe one’s persona.

With changing times; fashion changes as well. In every next season, we see new fashion styles banging the glam-world. Not limited to above, but the realm around us is full of hair-dos offering to us. The tough job is to select and go for the one which suits best to your personality in the on-going season.

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