How to Make Face Fair and Glowing Naturally

Not just in present era, but the former times as well…human has always been striving to look beautiful and attractive but opting to different beauty measures. Many prove to be quite well in producing results…whereas some doesn’t. In older times; the practice was to utilize natural ways in order to obtain beauty and freshness especially for skin; whereas in today’s time numerous products have been launched in the market, assuring perfect beauty enhancement in ones’ personality. However, we all know that what natural stays as it is, over time and gives results without harming your skin. Therefore, in this context let’s look in to some customary ways to enhance your beauty and bring glow on your face.

How to Make Face Fair and Glowing Naturally | Get Smoothly Fresh Skin

1.    Face Cleansing:
Make a usual practice of cleaning your face with rose water or a cleanser, when you get back from somewhere with makeup over. It will not only clean your face by removing dust, but also would add some freshness to it. This is a perfect home treatment for your skin without spending any money.

2.    Wash your Face:
You need to make sure that you wash your face minimum of three times per day, to keep it clean from any outside dirt exposure.

3.    Avoid Make-ups:
We’ve normally seen around us that women put on make-up in much quantity even when not required too, which adversely harms your skin…since there are multiple chemicals involved in make-up items too. Therefore, avoiding wearing heavy make-ups in normal routine would be the best solution to it.

4.    Heat Protection:
We normally do not take proper measures while going out and get exposed to sun heat directly, which damages the skin in real bad manner. Therefore, one should always protect the face from heat of the sun and cover it with either cotton stole or umbrella.

5.    Towel usage:
There are multiple small things in our everyday routine that we do not even care about. We wash our face from best of soaps around but then do not care when drying off with the towels. Face should be dried off using a very soft towel since our skin is delicate as well.

6.    Moisturize:
Moisturizing is the most important practice to keep your face fresh and glowing around the clock. Especially moisturizing at night with a bit of lotion on your hand, would not only repair your skin but would also avoid early age wrinkles as well. However for daytime; consider using a lighter moisturizer.

7.    Drink Water:
You must have heard everyone around asking you to drink lots of water. Yes! That certainly is correct…since the more the water intake would be; the more your skin would be glowing and fresh. Aim to drink around 6-8 glasses of water per day for it helps in cleaning your skin and make it glow since it helps the human body in flushing out the toxins quickly.

8.    Healthy Diet:
Food has a lot to do with your body health and freshness. here are some important diet tips for one to intake in their meals to get the desired results for their beauty;
–    Eat fish and walnuts, since there is Omega3 found in these food items, which are much beneficial for your skin
–    Intake of Vitamin C found in citrus fruits helps you in healing your acne problem faster
–    Eat fresh vegetables, nuts and fruits which are richer fiber.
–    Importantly, try to reduce your sugar intake and bring it around 45g on daily basis
–    Try to avoid food rich in salt, since salt damages your skin badly and makes it look puffy

9.    Exercise:
Try to work out daily, especially early in the morning. Regular exercise helps your skin glow because it stimulates the blood flow.

10.    Take proper rest:
We do not take notice if we are even taking proper rest or not. Restlessness shows prominently on your face. If you are tired and haven’t been taking proper rest; your skin gets darker and dark eye circles starts appearing, which however can be avoided by taking proper rest.

11.    Avoid Acne:
We normally take post measures to treat something; in fact if the same is done pre-handed…the solution is possibly not to appear. Some usual ways to avoid acne before appearing could be to change your pillow cover after every 4 days, tying your hairs back while sleeping, avoiding your hands placement under your face…since the oil on your hands can cause breakouts to your skin.

12.    Home Made Creams & Face Applications:
A lot more can be done in order to make your face skin glow and look fresh, by opting to home-made applications such as;
–    Mixture of tomato and lemon juice in equal quantity of 1 tablespoon along with 1 teaspoons of honey, apply this on your skin, leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse with water would give a prominent glow on your face,
–    2 tablespoon of coconut water and 1 tablespoon of pineapple juice. Make a paste of it with addition of multani mitti, apply this on face and scrub gently. Rinse off with water and experience a fresher look.

–    1 tablespoon of curb and 2 teaspoons of besan, pinch of turmeric power and 1 tablespoon of rose water. Its application on your face hardly for 15 minutes would result better in any high profile facial done from parlor.
–    Combination of coconut milk and red sandalwood powder helps you in getting fair skin.
–    Use alovera over your face to get clear glowing skin.
–    Mixture of 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 1 teaspoon of rose water over your face would add natural glow.
–    Fresh cream can be utilized in a natural way by adding few drops of olive oil and a pinch of turmeric powder to apply on your face daily for 15 minutes to get a fairer and glowing skin.

Natural ways are no less than, in any way, from the artificial beauty products available in the market, since it provide apparent results without harming your skin through any chemicals mixtures.


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