10 Best Free Antivirus Security Software 2013 for Windows

There are plenty of anti-viruses versions releasing every year, and so has this happened seem to be in this year, 2013. In fact there are much more hooking up for year 2014 as well. These anti-viruses are used widely world over due to their compatibilities and various effective features, that proves best saving your systems.

10 Best Free Antivirus Security Software 2013 for Windows

Below are some of the top 10 anti-viruses released in the year 2013, with their comprehensive reviews.

1.    Avast Anti-virus:

Avast Anti-virus
This one is known to be the best anti-viruses and is the most popular one used all over the world, since it is widely used for security purposes of personal computers as well as professional ones as well. It has a way better performance and quite easy to use as compared to the other anti-viruses, which comes up with numerous compatibility issues.

2.    AVG Anti-virus:

AVG Anti-virus
AVG anti-virus is another extremely good application, used for the purpose of protecting your systems and any harmful programs that may cause any damage to your computers. This system works with the techniques of protection for every protective layer, because of which the application has been highly reputed by many. Also, this antivirus is very easy to use as well.

3.    Microsoft Security Essentials:

Microsoft Security Essentials
The name has all the surety and reputation for its latest released antivirus program, which is best for protecting windows platform. This one is known to be the best compatible for Windows 7, windows 8, windows XP and Windows Vista…it especially caters to the windows operating systems. The system is quite easy, fast and gets upgraded automatically with the latest features available.

4.    Avira Anti-virus:

Avira Anti-virus
This one has gained much popularity in the line of available antiviruses, and is rated quite well among all. This application turns on automatically, detects any threats to the computer and prevents itself by taking possible security measures.

5.    Panda Cloud:

Panda Cloud
This antivirus available in the market is quite light, easy to use and keeps updating itself automatically as it connects to the internet, through cloud service mode. The application protects your entire computer and its data, through its efficient security features.

6.    Mac Anti-virus:

Mac Anti-virus
Mac antivirus has been specially developed for Mac operating systems, by Apple; but that doesn’t certainly mean that it cannot be deployed for windows. Due to its compatible friendly mode, the application has become quite popular in less time. It offers strong security techniques for Mac books, and provides a real time protection.

7.    PC Tools:

PC Tools
Launched recently; PC tools offers a wide range of safety features through its antivirus module, which has excellent performance, as rated by its users so far. This antivirus package is a combination of two tools; one is the “guard against malicious PC threats” and the other one is “guards against information and identity theft”, which with combined features provide sure short security to one’s systems.

8.    Malwarebytes/Anti-Malware:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Being the new comer in the market, this has gained much popularity in such as short span of time, due to its rapid usage and quick performance. Moreover, this is known best for protection of the machine level system protection against many kinds of threats or infections that may cause harm to the computer.

9.    Comodo:

Comodo is known best for providing a strong layer of protection to your personal computers, against every kind of incoming threats that one may receive one working online; examples of which includes Trojans, malwares and other viruses.

10.    Bitdefender Total Security:

Bitdefender Total Security
Another famous release for the year 2013, is Bitdefender Total Security antivirus, which comes as a package for protection and security against online threats.

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