10 Best Free Photo Editing Software Program 2013 for Mac & Windows

The advanced technology has enabled lay men in turning out impossibilities into certain possibilities. With every passing day, technology reveals new miracles, through which one can achieve wonders. However, in the world of professional photography, technology hasn’t left behind itself, but has shown and made up such products, which makes a simple picture look magnificent. That all has become possible with the newest software applications coming in the market. Photographers with the deployment of such applications and their tools create amazing pictures through editing options.

Today, we’re going to take a sneak peak in the latest software applications launched in the world of photography for editing purposes;

1.    ACD Pro 6:

ACD Pro 6
The newest of all, the ACD Pro 6 is widely used for editing purposes in the pictures, and to eventually makes it look perfect. This software is particularly used by photographers to replace their adobe photoshop, and proves to be a lightroom alternative. This software requires windows XP SP3 to perform in its best manner. With the installation of this program, you can process the raw pictures, can do image tagging easily and organize various tools in it….also the exposure and adjustment of colors for enhancement purposes is all done through this in the most efficient manner. Moreover, it enables one to do facial recognition, geo-tagging and distortion-correction.

2.    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4
We are all well aware of the established name of Adobe Photoshop and have been the most widely used software among all photographers to edit their pictures. However, their latest version of Lightroom 4, enables one to do RAW workflow tool, organizing photos, tagging your photos, and making quick changes and color enhancements. This software works best with 64-bit of Macs running Max OS x 10.6.8 and Windows Vista.

3.    Apple Aperture 3:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4
This software is known to be the alternative for Adobe Lightroom and a perfect match for Mac OS. Aperture 3 offers perfect combination of features to photographers for editing; like Raw processing of photos, manual retouching, custom-printing modes, tagging and organizing tools, with facial recognition options, geo-tagging and much more. Apple Aperture 3 is perfect for Mac OS with 10.7.5 version.

4.    Corel Paintshop Pro X5:

Corel Paintshop Pro X5
Another exciting tool for pictures editing purposes is the Corel Paintshop Pro X5, the latest version. This is undoubtedly the best among many other applications in comparison, which offers an array of editing options to users, such as photo-editing tools, layers, filters, one-click HDR filters, retouching tools and quick conversion of Raw form data in to a perfect output. This application requires Windows XP SP3.

5.    DXO Optics Pro 8:

DXO Optics Pro 8
This software is best compatible with Windows XP SP3 with 32.bit support, Windows Vista and Mac OS x 10.6 versions. This excellent application offers automated, camera lens correction in raw pictures, with further options of chromatic aberration, sharpening, vignette, noise reduction fixes. This is an incredibly powerful tool offering everything from raw results to the DSLRs.

6.    GIMP 2.8:

GIMP 2.8
GIMP 2.8 is a perfect software application, which offers re-composition and manipulation of your photos, application of various effects, cropping and resizing images. This software is compatible with Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix and BSD systems. Moreover, this application allows its users to edit PSD files, filters, brush tools, text tools, layers, distortion, color correction and enhancement tools and many effects modes as well.

7.    Paint.net:

Paint.net is a free internet tool offering image editing tools, which work best with Windows XP SP3 and the latest versions. This software is quite easy to use for the ones who are familiar with the Microsoft paint application. Paint.net offers a wide palette of selection and painting tools, enabling one to perform actions such as adding layers, filters, effects, even for the PSD files as well.

8.    Pixelmator 2.2:

Pixelmator 2.2
Also known as “Blueberry”, Pixelmator 2.2 is another amazing image editing tool, compatible with Mac OS x 10.7. The application offers from basic to semi-advanced image editing tools, including options such as color correction, brushes, layers, masks, filters, text tools, and many others. Moreover, Pixelmator 2.2 enables editing images in PSD files as well, as far as your raw data or files are supported by Mac OS X.

9.    Pixlr Editor:

Pixlr Editor
This software is free to use over internet, with the support of flash application. This software is quite easy to use for everyone and not just experts around, since it offers a wide array of usual modes of editing, including paint, blur, cropping, color adjustments, text tools, spot-healing, adding effects and much more.

10.    Adobe Photoshop Elements 11:

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11
Adobe Photoshop’s Elements 11 is a professional images editor and offers a huge range of editing options to its users. This application works best with Window XP (SP3), Mac OS x v10.6 and latest versions. This software is so far the best version of adobe photoshop ever produced. Many advanced features have been inculcated in this software, for essential image browsing and manipulation features to the photographers.

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