2013 Best Career Options Highest Paying Jobs in India

With increasing number of population all over the world, their needs have to be catered accordingly and for that new job opportunities have to be generated to reduce unemployment ratio among them and give them chances of fulfilling their life’s needs at the best. India is one of the fast growing nations, who have been catering very efficiently to such needs and its industries are growing day by day.

2013 Best Career Options Highest Paying Jobs in India

In lieu of this, we’re listing down some of the area, which are highly paid as compared to the others;

1.    IT Professionals:
Indian technology market is growing at much faster pace than any other industry and has been recognized as one of the highly paid job categories. In India, Pune and Bengaluru have contributed much to their IT industry and have developed many IT institutions all over India. If you are an IT expert, you can reach up to getting an annual salary of 8-15 lakh after four years of experience in the market.

2.    Business Management:
Business management is purely a skill, which is highly regarded and valued in business world. You can enter in to the management side of the business and can start earning up to 12 lakh per year after an MBA.

3.    Chartered Accountants:
Finance is another important area, whose skill is highly valued and since there are lesser chartered accountants as compared to MBA holders and other professionals, they are in much demand. Qualified chartered accountants can earn up to an annual salary of 8-12 lakh in the initial stages, which can increase in later stages.

4.    Airline Industry:
Airline industry in India has developed by far and many new airlines have ventured in the industry, opening up many new opportunities. Therefore many people are looking to get in the field somehow and make their earnings reach to maximum. Professionals in airline industry can make a salary of 12 lakh per month.

5.    Medical Professionals:
With the ever-increasing demand of quality medical professionals in the market, their salary range has been raised as well. Anyone stepping in this field can easily make up to maximum earnings for their living, which can be increasing with their increasing hours of work and time. They do not only oblige to their responsibility of saving patient’s life, but also make a good living out of their profession.

6.    Software Engineers:
India’s information technology industry has seen a rapid growth in previous decade and also the most promising and rewarding field for its workers as well. Software engineers in India are highly paid and much in demand due to their increasing number of new openings. Professionals in this field can make up to 12-20 lakh per year.

7.    Mechanical Engineer:
Engineering in itself is a vast field and offers a wide array of professions to one. However, mechanical engineers from all are superior due to its demand and highly valued nature. One can start off in this career, and can earn a very good living for themselves and their families by earning around 4-5 lakh annually, as a fresher.

8.    Electronic Engineer:
There was and has always been a huge market for Electronic engineers and one can with their full zeal and Ziest, with full dedication and commitment and start off with any good reputation organization. For this career, the fresher can earn easily up to 4-5 lakh on annual basis, which can certainly be increased annually on incentive basis and on their good performance ratings.

9.    Offshore Drilling:
India has vast reserves of oil and natural gas, and which in turn generates a high volume profit for the country. Therefore; offshore drilling jobs are much in demand and so are highly paid. Entry level workers in this field can earn up to 3.5-4 lakh on annual basis with additional perks and packages.

10.    Chemical Engineer:
There are number of institutions in India who are engaged in the business of producing high quality chemical engineers to serve nation’s needs. Due to the complex nature of the work, they are highly paid and can get high raises on annual basis, as compared to those of in other fields.

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    Engineering is best job in India. But nowadays I think its not a good job for students. I think Blogging will be a good opportunity for future life.. 🙂

    Aisha, What you say about it?

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