Best Working Wifi Password Hacking Software for Android Mobile Apps

In recent times; Wi-Fi has emerged as a growing internet technology which has eased our lives in many ways. With the inception of this device, hassles of wires and connecting modes have been vanished. Though, along with that…many passwords breaking software has been emerged as well. It has become quite easy in today’s time to break the password of a Wi-Fi device.

Best Working Wifi Password Hacking Software for Android Mobile Apps

Few of the top used software for hacking of Android apps passwords are listed below;

1.    Wi-Fi Network Hacker:
This is an application, which helps you in hacking of all Wi-Fi networks, doesn’t matter how strong their passwords or encryption systems are. The software is as strong as to break any sort or nature of security codes in just a few minutes time and due to this, this has overly been used by many hackers on widely basis around the world.

2.    Hacker Prank:
Another software application, used for the same purpose is known by the name of “Hacker Prank”. This is an ideal software that works as a gradual system to make a black-door in Wi-Fi device and eventually enters the system gaining its all the accesses by cracking passwords. This software is quite easy to use as compared to the others and with the help of few steps; the application enables one to reveal the password to you on quick basis.

3.    Hacker Prank (BGN):
Ranking as third, the software Hacker is among the best applications to hack a Wi-Fi device password. In this, you can hack someone’s Wi-Fi device, by keeping your Android powered phone nearest to their system and this would crack their codes.

4.    Wi-Fi Hacker:
Another amazing software, which is used to crack the Wi-Fi networks through android application. This software penetrates all the available Wi-Fi networks like gamma rays, and eventually would hack every nearest router and would enable you in accessing their internet connections through passwords.

5.    Hacker (PRO):
This one is known to be the best Hacker for Android applications and is widely used. This application aids in breaking and cracking the passwords right after its installation in your phones.

6.    Hannes Runge Hacker:
Down the line of hackers; this one is also used in order to crack passwords using android applications. This one is awesome application software in Google play market and enables one easily in accessing all available Wi-Fi connections.

7.    Wi-Fi Router:
This one is especially used to hack passwords with wireless networks through android applications. However, unlike others, Wi-Fi router is an application which is categorically used to crack your own forgotten passwords and retrieve them easily.

8.    Ultimate Hacker:
As the name states; Ultimate Hacker is an advanced version for android fastest and latest applications. This can intrude in to anyone’s private wireless router and aids in accessing their passwords.

9.    Wi-Fi Passwords:
This one is also known to be free among all and because of this it’s been widely used over time by many professional hackers. This lets you access the information about the nearest and closest Wi-Fi spots, both for free and secured one. The software helps you in accessing the internet and wireless devices quite easily wherever you go, once you’ve gained access insight it.

With every passing moment, many applications are bombarding technology market, which aids everyone concerned around the corner. The option lies with you how to make best use of that technology be it in a good sense or to crack some passwords in order to get access to external devices for your use. However, for the second option, the above mentioned applications are the recent establishments, which may help you in getting your desired results.


  1. Mike Stanley says:

    Well, I’m not sure what to think anymore. I read a lot about wifi cracking and whatnot, but I’m confused. for example, wifi hacking is possible through an automated software, but there are people who say that the whole thing is fake.

  2. PC Plod says:

    Get your own wifi!

  3. aryan says:

    hello sir I am from bangladesh.I want a wifi hack software becase my home a wifi zone. I want to connect this but I dont connect it. it was a lock wifi zone. so sir please give me.thank u.

  4. Subin says:

    Hello Guys, There are no such apps as of now to crack wifi through android device. Its because of the fact that our android devices dont have capable built in wifi injuction(for aircrack-ng) to hack and crack easily. Yet there can be certain loopholes in routers which may get you to make dictionary attacks to guess easy words as passwords.
    Android is a powerful platform and there are many powerful apps to hack other’s pc and android ios devices, iff you are on same network. Zanti is for premium users whereas Dsploit is for free users.
    You can avoid all Windows softwares to crack wifi except Elcommsoft wiress wifi auditor and you can rely on Backtrack, Kali linux like OS to crack WPS and WEP wifi easily.
    Hope my little knowledge can help you guys.

  5. er deep says:

    nice working guys…

  6. taha hussain says:

    yE d0Wnl0Ad kAhAn sE h0gA :/

  7. albert lark says:

    That is great but most effective and 100%working hacking softwares

  8. nick says:

    You can easily hack into computers with this new and advanced app for android, just watch the video to find out how to get it.

  9. Rohit says:

    How to download this software..??

  10. software untuk crack password wifi says:

    I’m curious to find out what blog system you’re utilizing?

    I’m experiencing some minor security issues with my latest blog and I’d like to find something more
    safeguarded. Do you have any suggestions?

  11. Sohrab says:

    yeh download kahan sy hoga

  12. TheWarLord says:

    I was wondering if i can hack with my android into anothe computer on the same wifi and stream their display turn on their webcam and download some filer from their pc.

    please help


  13. prudhvi says:

    My phn is xiaomi redmi 1s, I tried lot of pass to crack WiFi password but none of the app is not satisfied me,so pls suggest me best android for my mobile.

  14. rashid husain says:

    WiFi problems

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