Best Upcoming Cars in India Launched 2013 Reviews and Price

A Luxury, need or a passion…whatever one wants to name it; Cars are the ultimate urge to ones desire for extreme roads. Overtime, like other advancements in every other industry; we’ve witnessed this sector growing on a larger scale catering to the growing needs of its lovers. For some, it’s an addiction to get hooked up with the latest versions of cars in the market and be the first ones to skip them on the roads. They not only make a statement in your high profile but fulfill one urge to possess the ultimate grace on road.

However, every year there are numbers of cars being launched in consumer market by many prominent cars manufacturing brands. Here, we’ll look in to the latest launches in this industry planned to make their marks in year 2013, specifically in Indian Market with detailed specs and pricing.

1.  Chevrolet Beat:

Best Upcoming Cars in India Launched 2013 Reviews and Price

There are around 50 cars expected to be introduced in Indian market this year; of which prominently Chevrolet is the one. It has a funky go design with striking features to grasp customers’ eyes. The car has re-profiled bumpers, along with different wing mirrors in addition to front and rear lights. Specs of Chevrolet states that it has

–          Engine: 1.2 litre petrol, 1.0 litre diesel

–          Power: 79bbhp/10.0kgm, 58.5bhp/15.2kgm

–          Weight: 965-1027kg

–          Price: ranges between 3.8 to 5.7 lakh rupees

 2. Fiat Punto Evo:

Fiat Punto Evo

Fiat Punto Evo is expected to launch its latest model in year 2013, since the former ones didn’t get the desired results in the market. Therefore, in lieu of the same, they’ve come up this time with a new front bumper, different grille and head and tail lights, which are quite to increase its sales this time. However, the specs of Fiat Punto Evo states as;

–          Engine: 1.2 litre petrol, 1.4 litre petrol, 1.3 litre diesel, 1.3 litre diesel

–          Power: 67bhp/9.67 kgm, 89bhp/11.67kgm, 75bhp/20.07kgm, 90bhp/21.3kgm

–          Weight: 1090-1144kg

–          Price: 5-7.5 lakh rupees

 3.  Hyundai New i10:

Hyundai New i10

Expected to be released this September, Hyundai New i10 is quietly longer and wider than its former designs, which offers much of a spacious cabin to its passengers. Moreover, it has swept back headlamps, hexagonal cues along with engine options which allow one to calculate variable valve timing equipped 1.2 litre kappa petrol motor. Its specs are.

–          Engine: 1.0 litre petrol, 1.2 litre petrol, 1.1 litre diesel

–          Power: 79bhp/11/11.4kgm

–          Price: ranges between 3.5 to 6 lakh rupees

4 Maruti Suzuki A-Star Facelift:

Maruti Suzuki A-Star Facelift

Maruti has planned to make their launch in 2013 as well with their latest design of A-Star Facelift, which is expected to make its mark in Indian market. It is larger and has more refined headlamps, along with variations in front and rear bumpers.

–          Engine: 1.0 litre Petrol

–          Power: 66bhp/9kgm

–          Weight: 895kg

–          Price: ranges between 3.7 to 4.5 lakh rupees

5.  Tata Nano Variants:

Tata Nano Variants

One of the leading industry holders in India; Tata is planned to launch its Tata Nano Variants this year, with many upgrades in the car, which includes power steering, hinged tailgate, alloy wheels and a dedicated glove compartment on the dashboard. It is likely to come with a CNG kit in the coming year ahead.

–          Engine: 0.6 litre petrol

–          Power: 37.4bhp/5.2kgm

–          Weight: 635kg

–          Price: 2.2 lakh rupees

6.  Mercedes Benz A-Class:


Who doesn’t know Mercedes Benz on this planet! Yet another model, latest to be launched this year in Indian market is their A-Class, subsequent to their former launch B-Class. This time, it has a more conventional look, since it cater to younger customer base and gives a sports and aggressive looks. Its cabin has a sportier looks, with good space capacity, along with new front wheel drive MFA platform, which makes it quite a fun feel to drive.

–          Engine: 1.6 litre turbo petrol, 1.8 litre diesel

–          Power: 121bhp/20.4kgm, 134bhp/30.55kgm

–          Weight: 1370kg

–          Price: 18 lakh rupees

7.  Volkswagen New Beetle:

Volkswagen New Beetle

Trendy, stylish, cozy are the true depiction for this newest model of Volkswagen New Bettle. Much bigger, with retro-chic styling, spacious cabin all combines to make it a promising drive for its lovers. Since it is known to cater to the niche market, it is likely to take on the Mini Cooper as well this season.

–          Engine: 1.4 litre turbo petrol, 2.0 litre diesel

–          Power: 158bhp/24.5kgm, 138bhp/32.6kgm

–          Weight: 1360kg

–          Price: 25 lakh rupees

The list of expected cars to be launched this year hitting the Indian market certainly doesn’t end up here…in fact there’s a lot more to it. Prominently Volkswagen Cross Polo, Ford Ecosport, Maruti mini-UV and Nissan SUV are the ones to make their mark. So, all in all, it’s a treat to watch and drive for car lovers this year in India.

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