Hollywood Box Office 2013 Biggest Opening Weekend Movies List

Lights…camera…action! This is all what you got to hear on the movie sets, which is best put on the screen for the audiences by Hollywood film industry. Hollywood has been entertaining the viewers and movie lovers from all over the world, with their best, and that keeps on improving with every passing time. Not only in the cadre of just one section; but we’ve seen numerous developments in the technology and equipment side of the filming being used in the Hollywood world. Moreover, the manly resources are improving with every passing time and by now they have the best of everything, which takes to make a huge blockbuster movie that would give an entertaining ride to the audiences.

Hollywood Box Office 2013 Biggest Opening Weekend Movies List Hollywood Box Office 2013 Biggest Opening Weekend Movies List

Year 2013, has in particular been a very experimental year for Hollywood, where we’ve seen many movies coming on the silver screens of the cinemas. Some of them performed well, whereas some couldn’t do as much was expected out of those. However, we’re listing down here today the top 10 movies, which have been ranked the highest earners for year 2013. The list includes;

1.    Man of Steel:
Opening business: $116,619,362
Gross business: $290,327,998
Man of Steel is a fiction movie, having one super hero, who is aimed to working to save the world from the coming threats. The movie is very well made and had performed really well on the box office results.

2.     Spring Breakers:
Opening business:
Gross business:
The movie i
s comparatively bold, dazzling along with a touch of hilarious fun that keeps the audiences hooked up to their screens and keep their attention stick to them. The story board of the movie revolves around the secret treasure map, which reveals the hidden desires.

3.    Iron Man 3:
Opening business: $174,144,585
Gross business: $408,643,923
Iron Man 3 is again a super hero movie with some non-stop entertainment components and therefore is loved by kid’s world over.

4.    Behind the Candelabra:
Micheal douglas has been superb in the movie and that he has proven in the film. And because of the amazing story board and screening of the it; the movie today stands here at number 4 in our top 10 list of highest earning movies.

5.    Stoker:
Another amazing movie coming all the way from Hollywood is Stoke. This has been ranked as one of the most beautiful films of the year 2013 and also the most amazing one of the Park Chanwook’s career.

6.    Mud:
Mud is an outstandingly made movie, which has an amalgamation of the Americana theme, age, loss of innocence all rolled up to make a good movie. The performances of the great actors have made it even superb and stand it in the list of top 10 movies for year 2013.

7.    Star Trek into Darkness:
Opening business: $70,165,559
Gross business: $228,481,000
Sequel for the Star Trek series; the latest is Star Trek into Darkness, which is a well-made movie. The movie has been made with the extraordinary visual and audio extravagant concepts and techniques, which have made it stand in our top 10 list today.

8.    The Great Gatsby:
Opening business: $50,085,185
Gross business: $144,840.419
The movie has a fresh and a classy touch and has been well-scripted and well-shown on the big screens of cinema.

9.    The Place Beyond the Pines:
The movie is an innovative touch of Shakespeare stories with a combination of some great performance by the actors. The film has been made with extra-ordinary components to keep the audiences engaged throughout the movie.

10.    Django Unchained:
The last on our list is the drama action plus a bit of fiction theme movie is “Django Unchained”. The movie revolves around the classic western touch with their own right. The actors in the movie have made it extra special through their captivating performances.

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