Downtown Dubai & Burj Al-Arab Fireworks – New Year’s Eve 2016

Dubai New Year 2016 Fireworks Celebrations In Full

Watch Dubai New Year 2016 Fireworks Celebrations In Full,Watch Dubai New Year 2016 fireworks Burj Al-Arab In Full Dubai New Year’s Fireworks Display. dubai went ahead with its fireworks light show on new years despite the address hotel fire. Dubai’s New Year’s Fireworks Kick off Amid Tower Blaze. A massive fireworks display kicked off for New Year’s at the world’s tallest tower in Dubai, while plumes of smoke billowed in the air from a fire raging at a nearby tower. Tens of thousands of people whistled and cheered at the display taking place at the Burj Khalifa. Meanwhile, teams of firefighters were working to put out a blaze that has engulfed a 63-story luxury hotel and residential building. At least 14 people were slightly injured and one person suffered a heart attack from the smoke and overcrowding during evacuation late Thursday.

The biggest New Year Fireworks Festival in DUBAI! I2016| احتفالات دبي بالعام الجديد

Dubai FireWorks Celebrations 2016
دبي الألعاب النارية احتفالات 2016

Dubai New Year’s Eve 2016 Guiness World Records Fireworks HD
Dubai New Year’s Fireworks 2016 HD
Watch: Dubai New Year 2016 fireworks in ful
Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve 2016

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