Latest Dell Laptops/Notebooks Models Prices and Reviews

Advancing technology has replaced computers with the laptops nowadays. In earlier times; only few people used to have this so-called luxury but now it’s more like a necessity. Every other being possesses a laptop, whether it is for some official use or personal one. Because of its portability pro, it has gained wide popularity and quickly replaced all the computers.

Now with the growing popularity and usage of laptops today; production capacity has also increased and many companies have established their businesses in the same array to fulfill market demands. Dell is one of the famous listed companies involved in manufacturing of quality laptops; however here we’ll be looking in to some new models launched by Dell in recent times such as;

1.    Inspiron 14 (3240) Laptop:
Dell has recently launched their league of Inspiron laptops, which is known for its fun projects and keeps you connected all through within the budget. Inspiron model family has almost five releases which are less or more equivalent to all in their features. However, talking about Inspiron 14 (3240) laptop, it is quite speedy in its performance and gives easy access to music, photos and videos to its users. It has a 14” screen with 2.37 kg weight. You can easily connect video chat through it and stay in touch with your family and friends round the clock. It has a high definition display of 1366×768 HD, which gives an extremely wonderful viewing experience for movies and online video plus games. Moreover, it also has quite an impressive computing power by choosing up to 3rd Generation Intel core i5 processors with bigger storage capacity. It is stylish, elegant, with roomy Chiclet with two color options.

Inspiron 14 (3240) Laptop
Pakistan: N/A
India: Rs. 32,390

2.    Dell Inspiron N7520:
Dell Inspiron N7520 has Intel inside with i7 core processor, equipped with 8GB RAM capacity, whereas 1TB 32GB SSD hard disk capacity. It has a 15.6 inches screen and is operated on Windows 8 version. Moreover, this laptop comes with 2.20GHz processor speed and turbo power of 3.20GHz with 6MB cache. It has an LED screen, with resolution of 1366×768 with additional features of Bluetooth, webcam and Wi-Fi. The system has lot more to offer to its users, when one starts exploring its features.

Dell Inspiron N7520
Pakistan: Rs. 86,899
India: Rs. 57,500

3.    Dell Latitude E6530:
Another super latest version by Dell is its Dell Latitude E6530, which has lot more to offer to its users. It is powered by Intel core i7 processor with 4GB RAM memory and 750GB of hard disk capacity for storage. It has a wide screen of 15.6 inches which gives a big screen viewing to everyone. Processor speed of the system is 3GHz, whereas the processor turbo tunes up to 3.70GHz with 4MB of its cache. It has a screen resolution of 1366×768 with Intel integrated graphics.

Dell Latitude E6530
UK: GBP 970
Pakistan: Rs. 118,499
India: Rs. 88,529

4.    Dell Latitude E6430:
Dell Latitude E6430 comes with an Intel core i7 process with 4GB RAM capacity and 128GB of SSD hard disk capacity. It has a 14” screen, with 2.10GHz processor speed and turbo power of 3.30GHz with 4MB cache. The processor model it comes with is i7-3687U and DDR3 RAM type. This laptop has an LED screen with 1366×768 screen display resolution. Moreover, it features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, backlit keyboard, HDMI, and USB ports as well.

Dell Latitude E6430
UK: GBP 918
Pakistan: Rs. 120,499
India: Rs. 94,139

5.    Dell Latitude E5530:
This laptop is especially designed to cater to business needs with durability, security and convenient manageability. The key features to offer from this laptop are; mobile versatility with 15.6 inch full HD, with multi-touch LED display, quad core and discrete graphic option. Moreover, it has been stylishly armored with hard wearing MIL-STD 810G metal casing, with powder coated base and spill resistant keyboard.

Dell Latitude E5530
UK: GBP 610
Pakistan: Rs. 90,499
India: Rs. 69,768

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