Most Popular Android Games Best Apps 2013

Most Popular Android Games Best Ever Apps for all time With every passing day; we have come across latest development in gaming world with the deployment of technology. However, some get fame and some fails to receive the expected response from the critics and players, both. Now, with the inception of so many gadgets around…game developers have to work a bit more tough to incorporate features that would supports all the systems and runs on almost all types of gaming console or gadgets. Some of these have been developed, keeping in mind the Android application, which is ruling the smartphones, tables and other hand-held devices.

Most Popular Android Games Best Ever Apps for all time

Listed down are some of the most famous and repeatedly played games, through Android system.

1.    Assassin’s Creed:
This game has a history of an action adventure open world stealth video game series, which has five main games along with supportive materials. This game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal for single players, and then was enhanced for multiplayers as well with the handheld titles. This has been produced as an inspiration from the novel Alamut by the Slovenian writer, and is considered to the spiritual successor to that of the Prince of Persia.

2.    Modern Combat 4:
Second in line of fame, Modern Combat 4 is a basic gameplay in zero hour, which is quite similar to its former ones in the series, but this one is more derivative. This game is controlled by using virtual on screen buttons, movement controlled by a virtual control stick, in order to achieve the interactive mode through touchscreen.

3.    Crusade of Destiny:
This has been the first ever full true scale 3D RPG game produced for Android. This game is all about the magic and dragons, and enabling you to become the hero you’ve always meant to be and embark the crusade of destiny. It offers a complete action packed adventure in a stunning 3D mode.

4.    Far Cry 3:
Far Cry 3 is all about a first-person shooter, which is set out on a tropical island somewhere in the vicinity of the Malay Archipelago, where he’s out on a mission after the vacations, to save his friends, being kidnapped by the pirates and escaped from the island from their unhinged inhabitants.

5.    Real Racing 3:
Real Racing 3 is a set of new games for Android systems; with an unbelievable experience. This is a high quality game, with meticulous detailing involved, but to play you need to have at least 1.2GB of free space on your system. It features an enormous variety of licensed tracks, with expanded 22 car grid, and almost 50 cars from the renowned makers like Porsche, Lamborghini, Dodge, Bugatti and Audi.

6.    Batman: Arkham City:
Fantasy game for those of the Batman lovers; where Arkhan City is an open world for action packed adventures, and incorporates the elements of stealth game tactics. This game enables its users to freely rotate the camera around the situational center from the beginning till the end, and travel anywhere within its drawn boundaries. The player can also opt to move silently through the game, through a combination of gadgets and sneak up on the enemies.

7.    Hero of Sparta:
Hero of Sparta is truly an action packed game, where the story unfolds when the player regain its consciousness at the beach, after his fleet of ships have been wiped out by a violent storm. In this adventure, he enters the land while fighting away the beasts and mythical barriers that he comes across with on the way.

8.    Charlie Brave:
A light mode game, which is perfect for the scenario when one wants to relax. It is quite an interesting game, where the player is a Charlie and in urge of achieving the goal of catching up with as much gold and diamonds that he’s capable of, by avoiding obstacles of rocks and thief Tiffany, who is after your bag all through. You get points on acquiring as much of gold and diamond stones.

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