Delivery Man (2013) Box Office Collection Earning Report

Delivery Man manages to actually be a slight improvement on the formula. Part of that has to do with a brisker feeling pace from returning filmmaker Ken Scott, while the other step up is from Vince Vaughn, who not only matches the charm of the original’s star Patrick Huard while also giving us one of his more complete performances to date.

Delivery Man (2013) Box Office Collection


Delivery Man (2013) Box Office Collection:

Delivery Man $2.8 million

Scott and co-writer Martin Petit haven’t really done much to their original story besides translating it into English and moving it to Brooklyn from Quebec. the movie opines a great result and earning ahead..the total earning of at box office collection is $9,000.000 . it is vast earning for this movie which is probably very realistic thing happen for the movie makers.

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