Latest Blackberry Mobile Phones Price and Reviews in UK, US, Canada

With ever growing industry of cellular phones; many companies have jumped in the big picture of manufacturing and have designed and introduced number of attractive phone to be known among all those in the list. It has been built specially to cater to the business needs on the go. The idea behind manufacturing of blackberry phones was to ease professionals and businessmen in keeping in touch with their work always, no matter how far they are, with comfort and ease through its features.

However, in present market, we’ve encountered many versions of the phone with every passing day. We are listing down some of the latest models of Blackberry with their comprehensive reviews and pricing for one’s ease.

1.    Blackberry Q10:
The Blackberry Q10 is the latest development shown in the hub of Blackberry phones and is said to be the flagship blackberry deserves and the best phone with a keyboard in the market so far. Every blackberry user has similar likings of the phone and that is certainly the keyboard the phone offers along with their features. Two highly important attractions of the phone…the small screen which consumes a comparatively less battery and last much longer than of the large screen ones; secondly they keyboard that makes typing quite easily, which again cater to the business people around.

It has 1.5 Ghz processor, along with 16GB storage which is quite plenty for most users with 4G. As a device Q10 is pretty solid, with a slight rubber back which makes it feel premium. It has a 3.1” screen, though small, but effective with keyboard. The phone has 720×720 PPI display, with 2 GB RAM. Additionally the phone has an 8 megapixel, 1080p rear camera and 2 megapixel 720p front camera.

Blackberry Q10

–    Release Dtae: June 21st 2013
–    US: $249 with 2-year contract
–    UK: 580 GBP
–    Canada: $199 with 3-year contract

2.    Blackberry Z10:
Blackberry has introduced a completely new way to use your smartphones by launching Blackberry Z10. It has a combination of attractive features at the comfort of user specifications. All touch Blackberry Z10 offers a great deal of photos, videos, websites, with 4.2” touchscreen, taking great shots with the sharp 8MP camera, through the help of which one can capture scene, crop it, enhance, apply artistic filters and then use the story maker application to weave those moments together by creating a perfect video. Its keyboard provides an amazing typing experience to its users, for it learns your writing style and supports words to help you in typing much faster than ever.

Blackberry Z10

–    Release Date: January 31 2013
–    USA: $99 with 2-year contract
–    Canada: $149.99 with 3-year contract
–    UK: 399.99 GBP

3.    Blackberry Q5:
Another great launch, expected by the mid of July is the Blackberry Q5, which has quite a tough competition to give to its competitors through its compelling features. It has a 3.1” 720p display, with 1.2 Ghz dual core processor, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage capacity. Moreover it has a 2MP front camera and 5MP rear facing camera with great results.

Blackberry Q5

–    Release Date: June 2013
–    UK: 359.99 GBP
–    USA: N/A
–    Canada: N/A

4.    Blackberry Curve 9315:
Blackberry’s new Curve 9315 is considered to be the most affordable one in blackberry’s family. It has a combined feature of design, simple and intuitive interface and the classic wife keypad which is perfect for emailing and texting purposes. Moreover, the phone offers Wi-Fi calling, with 7.1 Blackberry operating system, and full QWERTY keyboard. It is powered by single core 800 MHz processor with 512 MB RAM along with 2.44 inch screen with 320×240 display. It comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera which is capable of recording videos as well.

BlackBerry Curve 9315 Phone

–    Release Date: Jan. 23 2013
–    USA: $49.99
–    UK: 30.68 GBP
–    Canada: $49.99 with 2 year contract

5.    Blackberry Curve 9310:
Blackberry has planned Curve 9310 as an affordable one, with decent features offering to its users. It has a very response touchpad, extremely light, with a decent battery life. Moreover, the phone is operated by 7 OS, with amazing chat and emailing features. This one is a perfect buy for the one who want to go for affordable buying yet gaining a perfect package of comfortable phone features and specs. It has a 512MB RAM, with expandable memory of 32GB though USD card. The phone has 2.44 inches reasonable viewing screen.

Blackberry Curve 9310

–    Release Date: July 2013
–    USA: $59.99 with 2 year contract
–    UK: N/A
–    Canada: $183.86 lump sum

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