Most Amazing Android Apps 2013 | IPhone Latest Apps

There was a time when mobile phones were a luxury and not every other person had it…but in today’s era, it’s more than a necessity…to keep in touch on the go. Cell phone manufacturing industry has seen major booms in this time and has grown at a much faster pace. Due to its every growing demand in the market; companies are putting in special efforts to make their product the best one in comparison to the others available. However, where cell phone have helped people keep in touch all the time…it has offered many other features to its customers as well…entertainment is the one above all!

Most Amazing Android Apps 2013  IPhone Latest Apps

We’ve seen over time many emerging technologies, being bombarded in the market; where Android and iPhone have seen remarkable success due to their highly capturing features. Let us see how both of these gadgets along with their features have proved to do so by looking in.

Android Applications:
Android has offered over more than 100 applications; but partially we’ll be looking into the most favorites’ of them all.

1.    Bookmark Manager:
The most prominent of all is the bookmark manager application that Android offers for tech-lovers. It has a bookmarking tool that syncs across the devices, through its Pocket application and provides you with all the required info that you’ve kept to save in.

2.    Google Drive:
Like many other offers, Android has Google Drive application which enables one to conveniently have cloud storage space, along with Google documents functionality on the go, and also enabling you to share files as well, whenever and wherever you want.

3.    iHeart Radio:
Also known to be as the “Radio on the go”, is another likable application by Android. It is a free streaming radio application in the market, which has taken most of the best features from Tune in Radio pro and in amalgamation with Pandora functionality has come up with something to provide music lovers with the best feature available around the corner.

4.    Instagram:
For people, who like taking pictures, and sharing them…Android offers them Instragram; an application, which enables you to take retro-looking pictures and share them with your contacts. Also, Mapping features; which frequently gets update resulting in long browsing lifespan of your pictures.

5.    Yelp:
Yelp is an incredible tool with its vast database of business listings and user-submitted data about restaurants, city corners and retail reviews. Through this, one can easily search for the perfect place to go.

6.    Garden lite:
Another interesting application by Android in Garden like, which is light weight, backwards compatible container, possessing many useful utilities….some of which includes conversion charts, barcode scanner, password generator etc.

iPhone Applications:
You start counting the applications that iPhone has to offer to its users; and the list many go on and on. It is full of some real exciting features listing down to gaming, music, some serious work on the go and many others too.

1.    You Tube on iPhone:
iPhone, along with its other applications, support You tube quite well, for its users. Now one can easily stream down high quality sound tracks, videos or online programs with the help of this application installed in iPhone.

2.    Whatsapp Messenger:
Latest software introduced, purposely to keep in touch with your contacts throughout the day… with its interesting chatting and sharing features. All in iPhone has to do, is to install and start roaming with your contacts round the clock.

3.    My Calendar Mobile:
This application helps you in calendaring your tasks and appointments, along with quick reminders as well.

4.    Find my Friends:
Find my Friends; a searching tool application available in iPhone aids you to find your friends with the help of various functioning tools. .

5.    Gaming:
Not to forget, iPhone offers many interesting and eye captivating games to gadget lovers to keep them hooked all through. Some of the highlighted ones includes; Minecraft-pocket edition, Empires world war, Angry birds, Curiosity, Pocket climber, Bad piggies, Wreck-it Ralph….and the list goes on.

The applications world doesn’t end up here…in fact it takes its start! With every passing day, we see a new advancement in technology, and this aids in new launch of new applications and cell phone features to tempt gadget lovers.

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