Most Expensive Mobile Cell Phones In The World, Reviews and Prices

Mobile phones are widely used and its market has expanded way too much with its increasing demand every day. Almost more than half population of the world uses the cell phones for communication and entertainment purposes. Many companies are involved presently in the manufacturing of mobile phones all over the world; however there are few companies, who have gone an extra mile in order to create a milestone in the mobile manufacturing sector.

Therefore, in lieu of the above, listed down are some of the most expensive mobile phones ever produced in this sector, especially in the year of 2013.

1.    iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition:

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition
One of the most expensive phones of the world is certainly the iPhone 4; Diamond Rose Edition. The logo of apple behind the mobile carries 53 diamonds; whereas the buttons of the phone carries 7.4 carat of pink diamonds. Another model of the phone was launched later on, carrying 8 carat pure diamond instead of pink ones. The phone is embedded with diamond accessories, the phone costs around $8 million.

2.    Goldstriker iPhone 3 GS Supreme:

Goldstriker iPhone 3 GS Supreme
The list for expensive mobiles certainly has a space for this one too. The Goldstriker iPhone carries 271 grams of 22 carat pure gold and more than 200 diamonds embedded in the phone. The back side of the phone consists of 53 gems, whereas the home button on the front side has a single 7.1 carat diamond in it. The phone costs $3.2 million.

3.    Peter Aloisson’s King Button iPhone:

Peter Aloisson's Kings Button iPhone
One of the most expensive phones around is the Peter Aloisson’s King Button iPhone. The phone is made of complete solid 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Moreover, the gold line of the mobile has been covered with almost 138 magnificient diamonds. Whereas, the front button of the phone is covered with 6.6 carat diamond. Because of these elegantly embedded diamonds and accessories, the phone costs $2.4 million.

4.    GoldVish Le Million;

GoldVish Le Million
This exclusive phone has VVS1 diamonds in it along with 18 carat of white gold. Beautifully shaped vertically, embedded with diamonds and other fancy accessories has made the phone in the list of top most expensive phones around, manufactured so far. This phone comes with a price tag of $1.3 million.

5.    Diamond Crypto Smartphone:

Diamond Crypto Smartphone
Diamond Crypto smartphone has been embedded with a platinum base along with nearly 8 blue diamonds with 42 other diamonds. The navigation keys of the phone along with the Ancort logo has been embedded with 18 carat of rose gold. This phone was produced in the year 2013, and costs price of around $1.3 million, making it stand on the fifth number in the line of most expensive phones.

6.    Sony Ericsson Black Diamond:

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond
We all are well aware of the brand “Sony Ercisson” in the market, for they have always been showcasing the brilliant phone productions, with alluring features offering to its users. In the pledge of the phones; they have manufactured Black Diamond, the expensive amongst the rest, has a mirror detailing, poly-carbonate mirror, equipped with an organic LED technology. The price of the phone is $300,000.

7.    Ulysee Nardin’s Phone:

Ulysee Nardin's Phone
This phone is comes with a touch screen application, along with some real amazing looks. the phone costs around $49,000.

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