The Christmas Candle (2013) Box Office Collection Earning Report

One of the films is a Hollywood-backed blockbuster based on a New York Times Best Seller series with an Academy Award winning cast. It’s also going to be shown in theaters worldwide.The story centers around David Richmond (Hans Matheson) a pastor who has lost his faith. He’d rather do good works then engage in prayer – but he finds his beliefs come into question when he agrees to become the pastor at a church in the small town of Gladbury.

The Christmas Candle (2013) Box Office Collection Earning Report


The Christmas Candle (2013) Box Office Collection:

The Christmas Candle 2nd Weekend Businesses = $980,000

The town is obsessed with a legend that says that every 25 years an angel blesses a candle made by the local candle maker, Edward Haddington (played the by excellent Sylvester McCoy). But when the candle goes missing, trouble ensues.the movie reveals very good results towards the public demand. frequently, the movie hit on the box office and earn $79,981 which is really great achievement seems at the box office market!!

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