Top 7 Best Mobile Cell Phone Companies in the World

With the increasing handheld devices in modern world; communication mode has become even stronger and faster than ever before. Our generation is witnessing miracles coming true in the genre of technology, through different modes. Lots of companies by assessing this trend has ventured in the field of mobiles manufacturing and started getting into the business and as an output has developed some real smart devices, which may make one wonder…how does it actually happen! We’re listing down here some of the best mobile phone companies, which are famous for their intricate manufacturing performance in this industry.

1.  Samsung:

Samsung latest logo
Samsung Telecommunications America (STA) was established by Samsung Electronics Corporation in 1992, with the special purpose of focusing on the manufacturing of mobile phone handsets. Since then, it has appeared in the mobile phone market as one of the fastest growing manufacturing company and has produced many outstanding sets. Moreover, due to their untiring efforts in the domain, they have been recognized as the number one mobile phone manufacturer in customer loyalty by Brand Keys, Inc. for five consecutive years. Lately, Samsung has released its line of smartphones powered by Android, which are in great demand by mobile users.

2.  Nokia:

Nokia Latest logo
Who on the earth doesn’t know the name “Nokia”. The answer certainly would be no one. Nokia is without any doubts the most favorite cell phone makers of everyone around, because of its user-friendly features. Nokia has always made sure, that their handsets should be easy to comprehend with and with this; they’ve succeeded in capturing the major market in cellular phone industry. Nokia handsets are widely used, and provide a range of most reasonable sets for everyone’s capacity to afford.

3.  Apple:

Apple latest logo
Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer Inc., is an American multinational corporation, which is involved in the business of designing, developing and selling of consumer electronics. After sometime, with the identification of mobile market expanding; Apple has ventured in mobiles manufacturing field and developed some real hi-tech devices, known today is by iPhone smartphones. Up till five versions of iPhone smartphones have been introduced in the mobile market; which have showed ravishing results and got heighted fame among users, through their introductory touch systems.

4.  Sony Ericsson:

Sony Ericsson latset logo
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication AB is a mobile phone manufacturer, which turned out to be a result of joint venture between Sony and Ericsson. Right after that; the company started making phones, with many alluring features and smart looks. Particularly, they were the first one to produce sleek and lighter phones around with a combination of style and elegance. Sony Ericsson’s line of Xperia phones has rocked the world with their tempting looks and interactive features.

5.  HTC:

HTC latest logo
HTC is a renowned Taiwanese company, which was formerly known as High Tech Computer Corporation. Later on, they ventured in the manufacturing of mobile handsets, being the founding member of Open Handset Alliance. They’ve been recognized for the development of Android mobile device platform in collaboration of many other network operators in the line. Also, the HTC Dream, in many countries, was the first phone to be launched with Android powered software. Later, they have to their credits is a list of smartphones, being sold at a large scale worldwide.

6.  Blackberry:

Blackberry latest logo
Blackberry is commonly known as the best cell phone ever for business purposes. Blackberry has overtime launched many cell phones in its league, in which they’ve induced the best technology to make it work even smarter and has always come up with intricate features for its users. Blackberry can shoot video, take photos, play music, perform online functions of browsing and emailing …and what not can a Blackberry phone do. Talking about the History of Blackberry; its first device was launched back in 1999 as a two way pager in Munich, Germany, working under the marketing company Laxicon Branding. However, the name particularly “Blackberry” was chosen for their devices line was because of the resemblance between its keyboard buttons and the drupelets that compose the blackberry fruit. Since then, it has been widely used worldwide.

7.  LG:

LG Mobile Communication Company is a global leader in the mobile market technology, providing their customers with the best of mobile experiences through their advanced mobile technology. Their handsets are capable of performing tasks at the users interface with quite an ease, and because of this they have been the largest handset provider in the global CDMA market. Every now and then, they are releasing their latest models in the line of cell phones, offering captivating touch of excitement and thrill attached to its features, for the users.

Not limiting to the above, there have been quite many companies, which were involved in the same manufacturing line but somehow got somewhat back to it. Naming these would be Motorola, Alcatel, Huwaei…though they are still involved in the business activities; but have limited their manufacturing capacity and we haven’t got to see any latest releases by them in the nearest times. However, the above listed are consistently involved in R&D in the sector along with development projects as well; and therefore have been known around as the best ones.

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