Waar (2013) Pakistani Movie Box Office Collection Earning Report

The most anticipated and hyped movie in PAKISTANI Cinema’s history ‘’WAAR’’. The film is about Pakistani’s fight against terror but seems to lay the blame for everything bad happening in the country at India’s door step.

Waar is a movie made on a very Stereotype, Typical, predictable and rusted story line that an Ex police officer played by Shan. Who is retired because his family was killed by an enemy country’s intelligence agent and he lost all his hope and living a dead man’s day to day sad and lovely life, suddenly got approached by the head Pakistani’s C.T.G. Department that only he can help them save the country from a large terrorist attack. Which is being planned by an Undercover R.A.W. Agent?

Waar (2013) Pakistani Movie Box Office Collection Earning Report


A romantic Scene or A patriotic scene, an emotional Scene Shot been taken in a creative and innovative manner just like cinematography, we see in Hollywood action movies. Shaan Shahid, no doubt he is a brilliant actor and wonders with his acting ability and talent, he had a persona and style on the screen which no other matched.

In the most of the world, where films are an established and regular business, terms such as Hit or Flop are intricately tied in with the cost of film. So for example such as Zinda Bhag, were a very low budget film, where it to earn 4 Cr. Might put in to the category of a hit, where as a very high budget Beshraam grossing even 60 Cr. In India still it classified it as Flop.

Waar (2013) Box Office Total earning:

Waar the anticipated movie in Pakistani Film Industry, was released Eid Ul Adha 2013 first day. Since then it is doing record breaking day by day. Shaan Shaid is continuously each day since its release date. So far, has collected the total gross of 456000$ in just three days. It has break the records of even Bollywood movie screened in Pakistani Cinemas and day 3 business added 15300$ more which leads up U.S. 456000$amount (4.8+Cr.) Pakistani Rupees. It was perhaps the first eid after many years when a Pakistani movie was having packed three shows. In certain cinemas, even the fourth show from 3am to 6 am was dedicated to Waar, which has been released with 35 prints across the country. Written by Hasan Waqas Rana and directed by Bilal Lashari.

Waar Star Cast & Opening Day Report:

The film also stars Shamoon Abbasi, Messha Shafi and Ayesha Khan. Waar opened on Wednesday on 42 screens across the Pakistan and set a new record of box office collections pertaining eid openings after a first day opening of rs. 11.4 Million the big budget flick earned a total of Rs. 42.6 million till Friday night, breaking all previous records of Eid collections. It has also broken first day record set by Sharukh Khan’s Chennai Express that has earned around Rs 9 million on eid ul fitr. The war on terror in Pakistan and its effects on the world have inspired the story line, but one can however see a stylish interpretation of it.

1st Day Wednesday (Eid Holiday) = 1.15cr
2nd Day Thurday (Eid Holiday) = 1.51cr
3rd Day Friday (Eid Holiday) = 1.46cr
4th Day Saturday = 1.53cr
5th Day Sunday = 1.36cr
6th Day Monday = 66lacs
7th Day Tuesday = 53lacs
2nd Weekend = 56lacs
2nd Thurday = 59lacs
2nd Friday = 71lacs
2nd Saturday = 1.11cr
2nd Sunday = 1cr

Given the small cinema circuit Pakistan has been reduced to because of the breaking down of theaters over the last decades, the highest grossing film in recent times in Pakistan was Boll that grossed film about 12 Cr. The assume for a minute that the producers of Waar have been widely exaggerating the cost of their film. And let’s also subtract the cost of the military man-hours, chopper fuel. Logistic, equipment, Maintenance etc. that the Pakistan army proved the film free of cost which are likely unannounced for and will be paid out. It is important that 6 Cr. Film would still be the most expensive film ever produced in Pakistan, but the film would still need to gross between 17 and 20 Cr. just to break even.


  1. dante says:

    I have watched this movie , its on cam quality but anyway its a great movie i like it !

  2. Sadqain says:

    i have watched this movie in Atrium Cinema… the bestest Pakistani movie i have ever seen infact its much better that that freaking Dhoom3………!

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