Xbox One Release Date, Reviews, Prices, Specs Features and Requirements

Todays’ world is bombarded every other day with new gadgets, offering varying features to captivate tech-addicts. These gadgets Xbox One Release Date, Reviews, Prices, Specs Features and Requirementsare even offering various games to people with highly interactive features and specs. However; the latest one in the line of these developments is Xbox One; a product of Microsoft, which is said to be the best of times ever known for gaming. Briefly we’re mentioning down the featured specifications in our review for this latest gaming gadget.

Processor & Graphics:
Microsoft hasn’t released the detailed specifications and features of Xbox One as yet; however what is pretty obvious is that it’s said to be using an AMD CPU and AMD graphics hardware. Microsoft has deployed off-the-shelf components in Xbox One to make it work even faster, allowing games to pick up their pace.

Moreover, Microsoft has also declared to have 768 computing units installed in this, in terms of its graphical power.

Well, the rumors are quite in for how much cost it would be for, since Microsoft hasn’t revealed any price for this Xbox One as yet. However, roughly it is said that Xbox One would be available around $400 (around £250 including taxes), which states that one would have to pay quite an amount from what was formerly priced for. Moreover, it is also expected that Microsoft will charge an additional $10 per title to recoup the additional development cost on working with next-generation hardware.

Despite of not having its finalized price in the market; many online seller have started taking pre-orders for this gadget on their own pricing; like Amazon has priced this for £599, which is seemingly much higher.

Xbox One Release Date, Reviews, Prices, Specs Features and Requirements

Xbox One is a gadget that certainly offers one buying, owning and selling of games, by moving from disc-based ownership to digital licenses attached to particular user accounts. However for ease of its users, Microsoft has released a guide outlining details of how game licensing will be working on this gadget.

1.    Buy Games Digitally:
One will easily be able to buy any game or all the games from the day of their release through digital downloading; which vanishes out the efforts of going downtown to get a new game.

2.    Play Games:
Though you have all the copyrights access to this gadget; anyone around can play games on this as long as they are using your console, and same can be done by you as well; like you get access to play the games anywhere on Xbox One by using your account details…only once you’ve downloaded and installed them in the gadget.

3.    No. of Players:
So far number of players is concerned playing at Xbox One; 10 members are allowed. They can all play the games in your console. However, only one of these 10 members can play at once, meaning that one’s friends can play out games you’ve bought and you can do wise versa, without buying two copies of the game, which is said to be the biggest plus feature of this gadget.

4.    Trade your Games:
You can not only buy games digitally through this; but certainly you can sell or trade your games for cash or credit, but only with participating retailers. Microsoft has in this context said that it won’t be charging any fee from gamers, publishers or retailers for this, but states there’s no assurance that publishers won’t be charging you anything for selling off the games.

5.    Game Sharing Mode:
The Xbox One enables its players to share the games with the friends, which have been interacting with you for at least 30 days. This sharing mode is most commonly termed as “one-off transfer” apparently, thus enabling the two of you playing the games commonly.

The above limited revealed specs, makes the Xbox One an unlimited use disc-based gadget, limited and restricted to digital licenses. However, the advantages it has to offer states that it’ll be quite easier to play with your friends, buy and sell games without a trip to market, however, games in here won’t just be limited to you for play.

Release Date:
According to Microsoft, Xbox One will be released by the end of this year and so will be available world over to play with.

Xbox One Running Requirement:
To make sure, Xbox One works best to one, you’ll be requiring a regular connection to the internet, which would make the console to function accurately and more efficiently for up to 24 hours. Even when you are not connected to the internet, its other functions will still work. However, in case you’re playing on someone else’s console, you only get an hour’s use of it without a connection before getting locked out.

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