Xbox one vs PS4 Specs and Features Who is the Best Game Controllers

Xbox one vs PS4 Specs and Features Who is the Best Game Controllers

We all know by now, the best game every produced have known to be PS4, which has successfully grabbed attention of all gaming lovers till now. However, with increasing demand of these games in present world, more and more companies are venturing in this field, along with individual game creators. Talking about this, let’s name Xbox One, a recent development in gaming zone by Microsoft has been made, planned to launch by the end of this year.

Many analysts around have been reviewing both these gaming gadgets along with their features and specs, in order to prove the best among them. However, we’ll be looking into major comparisons between the two; in bit detail below.

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Coming to the specifications and features that both play zones have to offer to its users are great variant of difference as well, in making a choice what to opt for your play; but both of them said to have the similar hardware specifications, especially talking about the CPU and GPU in particular. Still, there are quite lot differences between the two; listed down here individually.

Most importantly, price is the factor which has been to an extent revealed by both Microsoft and Sony for their respective rivalry gadgets. PS4 is said to be cheaper at £349, whereas Xbox One is considerably on the higher side with £429. Moreover, the Xbox One justifies its high pricing with the factor of having new Kinect sensor, whereas the PS4 prices doesn’t have the Play station camera, where it’s a great requirement to have in, because of its variant functions.

1.    Processor & Graphics:
Both the playing gadgets have been incorporated with the chip of AMD. Each has used a system on chip, which is a combination of CPU and GPU. Its processor has an x86 64-bit chip with 8 jaguar cores with a calculated speed of 1.6GHz. Apparently PS4 and Xbox One have the same AMD Radeon GPU, but PS4 stands out as more powerful with 1152 cores compared to the Xbox One’s 768, which is almost 50% more.

2.    Storage Capacity:
Though both the systems have 8GB of RAM, when it comes to the storage capacity; but here Sony wins the race with quite a margin by having faster GDDR5 memory compared to that of GDDR3 of Xbox One. Fortunately, Xbox One has 32MB of eSRAM, known to be used by developers as a cache. Moreover, it’s an equal when it comes to storage since both have 500GB hard drier.

3.    Optical Drive:
Optical drive is again equivalent in both the systems, since Xbox One and PS4 possesses a Blu-ray/DVD drive.

4.    Connectivity:
Both Xbox One and PS4 offer almost similar connectivity modes to its players with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, optical out and USB 3.0. Slightly more, PS4 is equipped with Bluetooth 2.1, which the Xbox One doesn’t possess. They also have HDMI installed in respective consoles and support 4K output, but Xbox One has an HDMI with port for throughput.

5.    Controller:
As for the controllers; Xbox One has the large on as of the previous generations, with variant changed features, but still as elusive as the redesigned D-pad and thumb stick, whereas the latest features are the new impulse triggers for better feedback. PS4, in its own capacity has a Dual shock 4 controller; quite different to that one of PS3’s. It also has a track pad win the middle, which gives an integrated control to motion control.

6.    Staying Online:
Staying up “always online” has been a major difference between the two consoles. Here, Xbox One require its players to stay up on online mode while playing games; which thereof doesn’t require by PS4, which one can play anytime.

7.    Games Trading:
Another difference between the two is being able to use second hand games by the players. PS4 is the console with no restriction; however the case is bit different here with Xbox One console, since its users can lend games to those friends only who they have had on their Xbox Live list for at least 30 days, and too that you can lend them these only for once.

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