Rajpal Yadav All Best Comedy Movies List, Rajpal Yadav Upcoming Movies 2014 List

Rajpal came in Mumbai in 1996 to try his luck as an actor. He was a part of many rural theatrical plays in the North East belt.He acted in the Doordarshan’s television serial “Naurangilal” as the main protagonist who day dreams and as a result lands up in a comic situation. This was sequel to […]

Rajinikanth Upcoming Movies List 2014, Rajinikanth Coming Soon Films List

Rajinikanth started his career in film with his debut in Tamil films in 1975.he also acted in Kannada films,1976. He also continued his work in boll wood films. He worked in films doing roles of hero, villein, and many other role.He also worked in madras films as well as he also made stinks in German and […]

Rajnikanth All Movie List in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Rajinikanth All Best Films List

Rajinikanth All Movie List in Hindi, Tamil Rajnikanth was born on 12 December 1950 as SHIVAJI RAO. He was a bus conductor during which time he reportedly caught the fancy of the bus travelers with his mannerisms and style of issuing tickets. looking to become an actor he moved to Chennai and was caught in an a eye of K.BALACHANDER and then his […]

Anil Kapoor All Best Movie Complete List, Anil Kapoor’s Bollywood Film List

Anil met wealthy and chic model,Sindhi speaking Sunita bhambhani and marries her in 1984.since they have given birth to 3 Children, 2 daughters and 1 son. Anil Kapoor’s father Surinder Kapoor is cousin of Prithviraj Kapoor,who is the father of raj Kapoor. Rhea Kapoor attended school in new york is now a producer in Mumbai. […]

Anil Kapoor Upcoming Movies 2013-2014, Anil Kapoor’s Coming Soon Films List

Anil kapok was born in Mumbai to a Punjabi-speaking family. his father surrender Kapoor was a film producer, his elder brother bonny Kapoor also appears in Hindi films as an actor. He studied in O.L.P.S school main then later on in St.xaviers college. Anil Kapoor Upcoming movies: Movie name Release date Welcome back May 2014 […]

Jason Statham Upcoming Movies 2013-2014 List

Statham was born in shire brook, derbshire, England, son of Eileen, a dancer, a street seller and lounge singer. He moved to Great warmouth ,Norfolk, where he initially choose not to follow his father’s career working in the local markets stalls and decided to pursue the arts. His germ up playing football, he practiced daily […]

Jason Statham All Best Movies Complete List

Jason has done quite a lot in short time. He has been a driver on the brutish national driving team and finished 12th in the world championships in 1992.He has also been a fashion model, black market and salesman and of course an actor. Heave done leading role and supporting role; done stunts in the […]

Jackie Chan Upcoming Movies 2013-2014 List

Soon JACK created his own Comic Character, the central figure in Jackie’s Spartan X, in 1996, New Line Cinema and Golden Harvest jointly released but his first hit in America. The film grossed $10 million in its first weekend of release, after the successful efforts Chan had another big office hit with Rush Hour, Chan […]

Jackie Chan All Best Movies Complete List

Jackie Chan was born Chang Kong sang on April 7, 1954, in Hong Kong, China. He began studying martial arts; drama, acrobatics, and singing at age seven. Once considered a likely successor of Bruce Lee in Hong Kong cinema, Chan instead developed his own style of martial arts blended with screwball physical comedy. Jackie attended […]

Sylvester Stallone Upcoming Movies 2013-2014 List

Sylvester  Stallone was born in new York and attended school in Philadelphia. An accident during birth severed a facial nerve, leaving parts of his lip, tongue, chin paralysed.The adult repercussions of the incident have come to signify Stall one’s recognizable slurred speech patterns and drooping lower lip. These defects in his early life left him […]

Sylvester Stallone All Best Movies Complete List 1970 – 2014

Sylvester Stallone was a born on July 6 1946, in New York’s gritty hells kitchen, young Stallone attended The American COLLEGE Of Switzerland and The University of Miami, eventually obtaining B.A degree. His birth was kind of difficult, yanked from his mother’s womb by a doctor’s forceps that severed a facial nerve. As a result, the […]

Sanjay Dutt Best Movies List, Sanjay Dutt Upcoming Movies 2013-2014 List

Sanjay Dutt is an Asian film actor, producer and politician known for his work in cinema. Although Sanjay has enjoy major success in a movie genres raging from romance to comedy, it has been roles of gangsters, thugs and police officers in films repressing the action genres. Sanjay dot was born on 29 January to […]

Imran Khan All Movies List, Imran Khan’s Upcoming Movies 2013-2014

Imran Khan puppy dogs eyes , a lean muscular body , a down to earth attitude and a quest for excellence is not one go unnoticed especially when it is staring out at you from the silver screen and happens to go by the name Imran Khan. Khan became engaged his long time Girlfriend, Avantika Malik, […]

Shahid Kapoor All Movies List, Shahid Kapoor’s Upcoming Movie 2013-2014

Shahid Kapoor was born in Mumbai on 25 Feb. 1981 to Pankaj kapoor and Neliam Azam, who was also a television actors, but they divorced when Shahid was three years old. Later his father married Supriya Pathak. He has a brother Ruhan , and a sister sana as well as well step brother Ishaan. He […]

Amitabh Bachchan All Movies List, Amitabh Bachchan Upcoming Movies 2013-14

Amitabh trademark deep baritone voice , tall, broodingand intense eyes,made him the ideal , setting him apart from tjhe cluster of Bollywood’s lover boysHowever ,his uncoventional looks did work against him at the starting of his career.Amitab was born in Allahabad in 1942,to Dr. Harivanash Rai Bachchan and Teji Bachchan.He complted his education at Sherwood […]

Farhan Akhtar All Movies List, Farhan Akhtar Upcoming Movies 2013-2014

Farhan Akhtar is an Indian film actor belonging to the Bollywood industry, who has seen numerous developments in recent times. The industry has been advancing on a faster pace than ever and therefore introduced many new faces on the face of film screen. Out of these names is one “Farhan Akhtar”, who is a renowned […]

Arjun Rampal All Movies Complete List, Upcoming Movies of Arjun Rampal’s 2013-14

Bollywood has produced some outstanding actors in our times and they’ve been performing excellently in the movies and mesmerizing their audiences at large. They do not just cater to their domestic or local market attraction; but their aim is to go beyond the borders and gain fame all around the world, which they have quite […]

Ajay Devgan All Movies List, Ajay Devgan Upcoming Movies 2013-14

Ajay Devgan is a one seasoned actor belonging to the ever-increasing Bollywood cinematic industry. He is an amazing actor, who has been proving his acting skills through his roles in all the movies that he has done so far. Over time he has groomed himself as an outstanding actor, and for that he has also […]

John Abraham All Movies List, John Abraham Upcoming Movies 2013-14

John Abraham is a one hot actor, belonging to the Bollywood film industry. John was born on 17th December, 1972 and presently he is working as a renowned film actor, producer. He started off his career as a model, and right after some modeling shoots and making appearances in advertisements, he was noticed by film […]

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Upcoming Movies List 2013-2014

Dwayne Douglas Johnson is a famous wrestler from America. He hwas born on 2nd May, 1972 and is also known by his game name “The Rock”, which was awarded to him through his strength of being in the ring. He has been working not just an actor, but is a semi-retired professional wrestler and has […]
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