Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Upcoming Movies List 2013-2014

Dwayne Douglas Johnson is a famous wrestler from America. He hwas born on 2nd May, 1972 and is also known by his game name “The Rock”, which was awarded to him through his strength of being in the ring. He has been working not just an actor, but is a semi-retired professional wrestler and has been performing as a player for WWE. Along with that, he has ventured in the media industry as a singer too and has proven to be an outstanding one in this genre of fields too.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock Upcoming Movies List 2013-2014 Dwayne Johnson The Rock Upcoming Movies List 2013-2014

Upcoming Movies:
In the coming years, Rock has signed up several movie projects, with some diversity in his roles, since he wants to entertain the audiences at large, without being restricted to a niche market audience. Therefore, in coming years; we’ll be seeing him in the following movie;

1.    Hercules: The Tracian Wars 2014
Inspired by the childhood tales of Hercules, which has been adapted as an inspiration to make a movie out of it… Dwayne will be seen in the movie in the leading role, mesmerizing his audience once again. Therefore, for all the story lover audiences and fans of the Rock, keep your fingers crossed to watch out this movie in year 2014.

2.    Fast & Furious 7 – 2014
Secondly, the major upcoming movie in the sequel of Fast & Furious is going to be the part 7 of this movie, which is again going to be a road racing thriller, with definitely some strong story board on the plot. Personally, being my favorite I’m going to hook up to my screen to watch out the first premiere of this movie.

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