Jackie Chan Upcoming Movies 2013-2014 List

Jackie Chan Upcoming Movies 2013-2014 List

Soon JACK created his own Comic Character, the central figure in Jackie’s Spartan X, in 1996, New Line Cinema and Golden Harvest jointly released but his first hit in America. The film grossed $10 million in its first weekend of release, after the successful efforts Chan had another big office hit with Rush Hour, Chan employed his English language skills as a Chinese police officer on an exchange program in the U.S. who is partnered with a street wise Los Angles cop, played by the rising comedian Chris Tucker. In 2000, Chan starred in Shanghai Noon, another crossover comedy action film set in the Old West and co starring Owen Wilson and Lucy Liu.

In 1971, he rejoined his parents in Australia, but it wasn’t long before he returned to Hong Kong, and adopted the stage name Chen Yuan Long. Chan 1982, he married the Taiwanese actress Lin Fang Jiao with the two having son Jaycee Chan the same year.

Upcoming movies of Jackie Chan:

Movie name Releasing year
Police story 2013
Skip trace 2014
Rush Hour 4 2014


Police Story (2013):
The movie tells the tale of a cop trying to nab the local drug lord. As the police force invades hillside shanty town their cover is blown and a couple of minutes. The films open with a bombastic set piece, and genre takes place in action mood. The movie is produced by Leonard Ho.

Skip trace (2014):
Jackie has been developing action, comedy idea for a while now, but according to coming soon, the film now has title and plot synopsis. The film who must track down a mouthy America gambler on the run from creditors. The two un likely partners then team up to take on Hong Kong’s most notorious criminal. The movie is written by Jay Longing, and produced by Jackie Chan himself.

Rush Hour 4 (2014):
The movie is directed by Brett Rather and written by Jim Kouf and Ross.a sequel is moving forward with the involvement of both stars. The project involves putting Lee and carter in a somewhat of a different genre than the previous film. The movie genre stands action, comedy, crime.

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