Jason Statham All Best Movies Complete List

Jason Statham All Best Movies Complete List

Jason has done quite a lot in short time. He has been a driver on the brutish national driving team and finished 12th in the world championships in 1992.He has also been a fashion model, black market and salesman and of course an actor. Heave done leading role and supporting role; done stunts in the movies, he took his own stunts in the movie.

Jason Statham was born in shire book, England, to a lounge singer and dressmaker who ended up running a black market operation. Although Jason followed his parents creative paths, mastering art of street theatre, he also devolved an interest in sports. He was a member of a Britain’s diving squad for 1 year. He also played football for his local Grammar school.

Whilst he was training at the crystal palace national sports center in London. Statham was spotted by a model agency scout. He becomes a model for the clothing brand French connection. It was around this time that Statham was introduced to the film director GUY RITCHIE.

Guy Ritchie cast Jason in the role of BACON in his film in 1998 film lock, stock and two smoking barrels after hearing about Statham’s family story. The film was hit, both with cinema audiences and with film critics. In 2000, Ritchie cats Statham again in his film, this time in 2000 film snatch. The success of two films earned Jason a passage to Hollywood. In 2001 he appeared in two US films, ghosts of mars and the one. The offered continues.

Jason Statham All Best Movies Complete List





1998 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Bacon
2000 Snatch Turkish
Turn It Up Mr. B
2001 Ghosts of Mars Sergeant Jericho Butler
The One MVA Agent Evan Funsch
Mean Machine Monk
2002 The Transporter Frank Martin
2003 The Italian Job Handsome Rob
2004 Collateral Airport man Cameo appearance
Cellular Ethan Greer
2005 Transporter 2 Frank Martin
Revolver Jake Green
London Bateman
Chaos Detective Quentin Conners
2006 The Pink Panther Yves Gluant Uncredited
Crank Chev Chelios
2007 War FBI Agent John Crawford
2008 The Bank Job Terry Leather
In the Name of the King Farmer Daimon
Death Race Jensen Garner “Frankenstein” Ames
Transporter 3 Frank Martin
2009 Crank: High Voltage Chev Chelios
2010 13 Jasper Bagges
The Expendables Lee Christmas
2011 The Mechanic Arthur Bishop
Gnomeo & Juliet Tybalt Voice only
Blitz Detective Sergeant Tom Brant
Killer Elite Danny Bryce
2012 Safe Luke Wright
The Expendables 2 Lee Christmas
2013 Parker Parker
Fast & Furious 6 Ian Shaw Cameo appearance
Hummingbird Joey Jones Released as Redemption in the U.S. and Crazy Joe in France.
Homefront Phil Broker Post-production
2014 Fast & Furious 7 Ian Shaw
Heat Nick Escalante Filming
The Expendables 3 Lee Christmas Filming

His martial arts training proved invaluable in the filming of the movie. He leads other supporting roles. In 2002 to 2010 and so on he give hottest films, some elf the movie also hit the box office. That led him a good actor. His most hottest films names are: FAST AND FURIOUS 7 and other parts, HOMEFRONT, THE EXPENDABLE3 and other parts, THE MECHANIC,KILLER ELITE,13, SAFE, WAR, DEATH RACE, SNATCH and many more.

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