Ayyan Ali thanks lawyers First Selfie on Twitter After Release

Supermodel Ayyan Ali , who was free on bail from Adiala Jail last week in a currency smuggling case, thank her official team for facilitate her discharge and period the episode a canspiracy next to her and her career. Ayyan Ali post First Selfie on Twitter After discharge.Ayyan Ali post first selfie on Twitter After discharge. Supermodel Ayyan Ali  who is face money laungdering casing and has been in jail for almost 4 months, Ayyan Ali post a selfie on twitter session and happy with waqar Zaka. The selfie  on twitter was talem and posted on twitter later than the dinner among waqar Zaka , Ayyan Ali was released on  bail on the order of LHC from Adiala Jail on july 16 before Eid ul Fitr , After receiving out of jail , She was straight away full to Karachi. The Supermodel who regularly remain tight lipped through court proceedings also took to Twitter to pronounce her innocence. Ayyan Ali  supposed the whole case was a conspiracy against and her career. On July 14 , Ayyan Ali  available her release as a division bench of the Lahore High Court , headed by Justce Anwarul Haq , accepted her bail as it remarked that the accused was no more needed for investigation.

Ayyan Ali  thanks lawyers First Selfie on Twitter After Release

Ayyan Ali

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