Eva Green All time Best Movies List, Eva Green Upcoming Movies 2014 List

Eva Green All time Best Movies List, Eva Green Upcoming Movies 2014 List

Eva Green All Best Movies (Filmography) Complete list with his career and Eva Green’s upcoming movies 2014-2015 coming soon films list & new release movies updates also available here. Hollywood film industry being the top notched from all the other film making industries in the world has stand out producing amazing movies in their field. They have been making films and venturing in the different topics from the very start and by now they have gained expertise in this film making industry and are now ruling the media world through their innovating and amazing movies. In the same triumph, they have produced some real amazing actors and actresses as well, who have been very amazing in the work that they do and for that purpose they have recognized world over and been awarded many a times. Out of these many names, one of the famous ones is Eva Green too.

Eva Gaelle Green is basically a French actress and was born on 5th of July. She is the daughter of She has ventured in the Hollywood film industry after getting noticed from her previous theatre work, where she used to perform. She has made her debut appearance in the Hollywood movies through the film Bernardo Betrolucci’s, which was her debut released in year 2003. The movie was basically a controversial one and it received many critical reviews from world over as well. She has later appeared in the move Casino Royale in the year 2006 and for her initial movies and her remarkable acting skills, she received the award for the BAFTA rising star. But she has certainly gained her breakthrough appearance and fame through the movie Kingdom of Heaven in the year 2005.

Eva Green All Best Movies List:

S.No Year Movies Role
2012 Dark Shadows Angelique Bouchard
2011 Camelot Morgan
2011 Perfect Sense Susan
2010 Clone Rebecca
2009 iCracks Miss G
2008 Quantum of Solace Vesper Lynd
2008 Franklyn Emilia/Sally
2007 The Golden Compass SerafinaPekkala
2006 Casino Royale Vesper Lynd
2005 Kingdom of Heaven Sibyalla
2004 Adventures of ArseneLupin Clarisse de Dreux-Soubise
2003 The Dreamers Isabelle

It was the perfect start for the lady and then she was noticed by number of prominent film makers and has been offered many variant roles in different movies. She has very rightly gained all the opportunities that knocked at her career door and then appeared in number of independent films. We have here a list of all the movies that Eva Green has done so far in her career, so let’s have a look at it along with their respective roles;

Eva Green Upcoming Movies List:
The coming years are going to be quite happening in terms of the new and innovative movies that are going to be released out in times to come. The audiences at large of cinema lovers are going to be thrilled out by the excitement and fun that movies of future are equipped with and they certainly all they have what it takes a movie to thrill the cinema halls through their thrills. Talking in the same lieu, Eva Green has a lot more to offer to her fans in the times to come. Therefore, for all of her fans we’re listing down here some of her upcoming movies planned to be released soon, and these include the following;

1.    The Salvation:
In the list of upcoming movies to be released in the times to come in Hollywood movies world, one is going to be “The Salvation”, which certainly will be starring Eva Green. She will be seen in the role of Madelaine in the movie, which is presently at the post-production phase. The storyboard and release date of the movie has not been announced as yet.

2.    Sin City: A Dame to Kill for:
Another movie of Eva Green is going to be the captioned one, which has been planned for its release in year 2014. This movie is also in its post-production phase and Eva is playing the role of Ava Lord in this one.

3.    300: Rise of an Empire:
This movie is the sequel of its former part 300. This is an historical action movie, whose sequel is planned for its release in the year 2014. Eva will be seen playing the character of Artemisia.

4.    White Bird in a Blizzard:
Another movie of Eva Green for the year 2014 is surely “White Bird in a Blizzard”. Eva is going to be seen in the character of Eve Connor in the movie.

The year 2014 seems to be quite happening for Eva Green, since she has got quite some for this year and will be seen in some major projects in the times to come as well. She has through her remarkable acting skills has made her mark in the Hollywood film industry in such a short span of time and for that purpose, she has been recognized overtime not only by her fans from all corners of the world, but also from the movie critics as well.

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