Kirsten Dunst Best Movies List All time & Kirsten Dunst Upcoming Movies 2014 List

Kirsten Dunst is an German-American actress, who holds a dual citizenship of two nations. She was born as kirsten Caroline Dunst on 30th April, 1982 and emerged in the media industry as an actress, and then ventured in the singing profession and has also been working as a prominent model for many brands. She is one of the finest actress in the Hollywood film industry. However, she began her career in acting, when she made her debut in the New York Stories back in year 1989. She was so young when she made her first appearance on the big screen. It was basically a short film, which was directed amazingly by Woody Allen.

Talking about her breakthrough in the industry; it was her role in the movie Interview with the Vampire, where she played the character of vampire Claudia in year 1994. She acted so well in the movie, that she was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie. Kirsten Dunst has later did quite number of movies, which includes all sorts of genre, including drama, comedy, romance, fiction, etc. and in all of those she has amazingly shown her acting skills and also won recognition for that on world over basis. Moreover,

Kirsten Dunst Best Movies List All time & Kirsten Dunst Upcoming Movies 2014 List Kirsten Dunst Best Movies List All time & Kirsten Dunst Upcoming Movies 2014 List

He role as Mary Jane Watson made her stand in to the limelight of the Hollywood buzz through the movie Spider Man trilogy, from year 2001 to 2007. Not only that she has won award as the Best Actress from the Cannes Film Festival and the Saturn Award for Best Actress for her superb acting performance in the movie Melancholia, which was released in year 2011.

Other than her acting career, Kirsten Dunst has a musical side as well. She has ventured in the signing profession officially when she made her debut song for the film “Get over it”, which includes two of her songs. Not limited to this, but she has sung many songs, including “After you’ve gone” for the movie “The Cat’s Meow”, released back in year 2001. However, in all of the areas where she has stepped in…she has been quite dedicated and worked quite hard to prove herself as an amazing entertainer.

Below are the list of her movies, she has done so far along with her respective role in the listed movies for your review;

 Kirsten Dunst All Best Movies Complete List

S.No Year Movies Role
1 1989 New York Stories Lisa’s daughter
2 1990 The Bonfire of the Vanities Campbell McCoy
3 1991 High Strung Young Girl
4 1994 Greedy Jolene
5 Interview with the Vampire Claudia
6 Little Women Younger Amy March
7 1995 Jumanji Judy Shepherd
8 1996 Mother Night Young Resi Noth
9 1997 Anastasia Young Anastasia
10 Wag the Dog Tracy Limes
11 1998 Kiki’s Delivery Service Kiki
12 Small Soldiers Christy Fimple
13 The Hairy Bird Verena von Stefan
14 The Animated Adventures of Tom Sawyer Becky Thatcher
15 1999 True Heart Bonnie
16 The Virgin Suicides Lux Lisbon
17 Drop Dead Gorgeous Amber Atkins
18 Dick Betsy Jobs
19 2000 The Crow: Salvation Erin Randall
20 Luckytown Lidda Doyles
21 Bring It On Torrance Shipman
22 Deeply Silly
23 2001 Get Over It Kelly Woods/Helena
24 Crazy/Beautiful Nicole Oakley
25 The Cat’s Meow Marion Davies
26 Histeria Charlotte Dalrymple
27 2002 Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson
28 2003 Levity Sofia Mellinger
29 Kaena: The Prophecy Kaena
30 Mona Lisa Smile Betty Warren
31 2004 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Mary Svevo
32 Spider-Man 2 Mary Jane Watson
33 Wimbledon Lizzie Bradbury
34 2005 Elizabethtown Claire Colburn
35 2006 Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette
36 2007 Spider-Man 3 Mary Jane Watson
37 2008 How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Alison Olsen
38 2010 The Second Bakery Attack Nat
39 All Good Things Katie Marks
40 2011 Fight for Your Right Revisited[124] Metal Chick
41 Melancholia Justine
42 2012 Heroes & Demons Nat
43 Bachelorette Regan
44 On the Road Camille
45 Upside Down Eden
46 2013 The Bling Ring Herself
47 Charm Girl in Elevator
48 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Angel
49 2014 The Two Faces of January Collette Macfarland
50 Midnight Special TBA

Kirsten Dunst Upcoming Movies List

1.    The Two Faces of January:
One of the upcoming movie of Kirsten Dunst is going to be “The Two Faces of January”, which is presently in the post-production phase and is planned for its release somewhere in 2014. The movie is a thriller, which revolves around a con artist, his wife and a stranger in the scenario, who tries to jump in to the foreign country, when one of them is caught up in the murder of a police officer around.

2.    Midnight Special:
The movie “Midnight Special” is a sci-fiction movie, whose status presently is under the pre-production phase and will be released in 2014. The story board of the movie tells that there’s a father son story and their escape from the world, when the father gets to know about his child possessing special powers.

3.    Sleeping with Other People:
The movie is in the pre-production phase and will be released in 2014 as well. However, the movie centers around a good natured womanizer who works to help out the serial cheaters. In these efforts, he gets affectioned by someone and it takes the rest of the story onwards.

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