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Mahnoor Baloch is a Pakistani movie actress, director and model. She has appeared in so many Pakistani movies.Here is most beautiful  Sanam Baloch Hd picture free download Mahnoor Baloch is a very well-known and talented Pakistani TV actress and show host. Mahnoor Baloch is a beautiful and talented model and actress of Pakistan. She was born in USA in 1970. She has a perfect height of 5′ 3″. Because of everlasting beauty she is doing leading roles in her dramas and prominent among people also. She belongs to “Baloch” family which must be quite amazing for people who know the traditions of Baloch families. She was given the permission to pursue her career by her family, and she proved herself in almost everything she did in her professional career.At the age of 15 back in mid 80’s she was married to “Hamid Siddiqui” and their relationship has been so strong that it has seen almost 30 springs. They have a daughter, and she is almost 25 years old.Mahnoor Baloch is one the most popular actress in Pakistan, she has been working in Pakistani dramas since 1993.She is very talented.


 Mahnoor Baloch (19)

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