Poonam Pandey All Hot Movies List & Poonam Pandey Upcoming Movies 2014

Bollywood has produced some real amazing talent from their industry and they have developed and nurtured themselves as true stars over the period of time. Through their commitment and hard work; all of them have made prominent places for themselves in the industry. Bollywood makes large number of movies, which are released every year. Some of them gets real positive and encouraging response….while some couldn’t as it is all about the entertainment business out there. Those topics and contents, which get successful in entertaining the people with their best gets the fruitful results, while the other stays behind the success line…and same results are reflected on the box office results. However, here today we are going to talk about one of the new talents that Bollywood industry has produced in the recent times; naming Poonam Panday.

Talking about her; she is basically an Indian film actress, who actually started off her business as a model in the fashion industry and did real amazing shoots. She has been more famous for her seductive looks and sexy appeals. However, being noticed in the modeling as a good one, she has been contacted by many of the film makers initially, to which she responded positively by entering in the Bollywood film industry.

Poonam Pandey All Hot Movies List & Poonam Pandey Upcoming Movies 2014 Poonam Pandey All Hot Movies List & Poonam Pandey Upcoming Movies 2014

Poonam Pandey Careers:

She started off her career as a model and got highlighted as one of the top eight contestants of Gladrags in year 2010. She has also appeared on the cover page of the magazines with her tempting looks. Not just that, but she has also made appearance in the shot of over 29 calendars for the year 2011, including the calendar for Gladrags and Kingfisher Calendar in year 2011.

She has made many public appearances as well, but mainly she became famous and highlighted when she actually promised the Indian cricket team for strip, in case if they manage to won the cricket world cup in 2011. Her glamorous and dusky profile doesn’t end up here but it also includes her being naked in front of Kolkata knight riders, after when they won the Indian Premier League (IPL). For her such kind of stunts, she has been receiving lots of coverage and publicity and fame for her bold pictures, which she has posted on her Twitter account and are viewable for everyone out there.

However, Poonam Panday made her debut appearance in the film Nasha in year 2013. She was offered the movie because of the bold subject and bold image of the actress as well. She made her appearance as a lead female star in the movie. Talking about the film…it basically revolves around a spiritual and physical relationship…where an 18 year young boy fell in love with his 25 year old teacher and they end up having a physical relationship with each other. Although it’s the love situation, where the student knows that in the end, he actually cannot have her but keeps on lingering on the relationship. But what happens as a result of this uncertain relationship, their desires remain unfulfilled and it eventually turns into the obsessions…with undesired experiences and outcomes in the end. In order to cope up with such a situation, the boy takes revenge.

However, one of the reviews about this extreme longing movie says in the Rediff that Poonam Panday in her role as a seductive teacher “excel in her role as a seductress”; whereas the review in the magazine Mumbai Mirror states that she has not played the role of seductress in the movie, but a role of a responsible drama teacher, whose character demands such acts, which she has performed and highlighted in her movie. They have reviewed that Poonam Panday has made so many efforts to excel in the acting perspective in the movie, but couldn’t reach up to the mark.

Bollywood has been producing such movies based on the sexual issues, but they have failed to do a good business over the box office results; since one needs to understand the norms and codes of the culture. The public in subcontinent countries doesn’t give space for such nude films and on bold issues …thus the acceptance level of these topics are very low here in Asian areas. Therefore, all the posters of the film that were put on around the country, which featured her as “clad in nothing, but covered with two placards not to reveal her body”, which actually caused distressing people around the corner and aroused hatred and anger for her all over India.

Poonam Pandey Upcoming Movies:

  1. I am 18 (2014)

They not only protest against her but also torn out the posters of the movie and put them on fire on 20th July, 2013 in Mumbai. For that matter, the important and prominent government figures including Shiv Sena objected the posters and said that they won’t be allowing anyone displaying such vulgar posters and hoardings…which caused a great harm to her career before even starting up properly. However, she is still being known for her bold acts and nudity; but still she is nowhere to be seen in the movies in the near future.

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