Celebrate National Underwear Day August 5 2013 in New York City

Celebrate National Underwear Day 2013 in New York City

The concept of having a National Underwear Day was given and initiated by the online underwear working retailer by the name of “Fresh Pair” in 2003. The idea behind this was an effort to shine light on “unmentionables” as according to them and the gives a better idea to expose you.

Date & Time:
The day is being widely celebrated every year since then in New York and is followed by millions of its citizens. This year, it’s going to be celebrated on 5th August, 2013 from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm EST timings on Times Square road at Broadway between 46th and 47th street.

The purpose of celebrating this day, especially this year is to break the present record of it, which are 2,270 people at one stop wearing their underwear. Therefore, they are gathering up more and more people this time to break out this record and make their name listed in the Guinness Book of World Record. To spread out this world, people can text #NUD2013 to collect more number of people, to be a part of this day.

For those who live in New York or nearby area can join thousands of other participants in their pledge of breaking the former record. The day isn’t just about the models, or any celebrity, in fact the day has been specially held for lay people around to show off their confidence. This has no limitations of genre of people to participate, to which people ranging from cancer survivors, men and women suffering with poor body image, and young and old people…everyone can participate. Moreover, for this day, as a tribute “Fresh Pairs” has introduced their promotional pricing with 15% off to all their products.

Celebrate National Underwear Day 2013 in New York City

Rules for the Day:
There are some rules and regulations that have been laid down by “Fresh Pairs” for all the participants for the day. These are to be strictly monitored in order to obtain the desired result of standing in the list of Guinness records. Through the inception of this event, Fresh Pairs is encouraging people to show their individualities and highlighting their confidence by wearing their favorites. However, the laid guidelines to do the same are following;

1.    Men are strictly to wear their underpants, boxers, or briefs. They shall not be wearing any shirts, undershirts or any top in any sort.
2.    Women should be wearing their underpants, panties not to revealing with uppers to covers their body that may include shirts, t-shirts, and related tops, etc.
3.    As for all the participants in the day event, they can all wear any types of socks and shoes.
4.    In case, the weather turns out to a rainy one, umbrellas are permitted instead of ponchos.

Celebrate National Underwear Day August 5 2013 in New York City Celebrate National Underwear Day August 5 2013 in New York City

Event Requisites:
Like the rules, there are some prerequisites and etiquettes that one needs to keep in mind while coming over.
1.    Age restriction: one needs to keep in mind that the day event is only for 18+ years of age. No one is prohibiting anyone in having fun on the day, but one has to be courteous in that too, without creating any disturbing environment around for other. Also, the place where the event is going to be held is a family friendly location; therefore participants should be behaving well there.
2.    Nudity: Celebrating this day, doesn’t mean at all that participants can go up to extremes in exposing their body or revealing themselves. Also, it is not even allowed legal in NYC to go topless. Again, reiterating on the fact that the place is family friendly oriented, therefore one should be considerate of non-nud participants or any passer-by.
3.    Display of Confidence: National Underwear day is about displaying and showing off the confidence of people that they have. But there might come any situation, where the outsiders or someone from public may show any kind affection towards the participants, which is highly prohibited.

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