Virat Kohli Salary & Net Worth Most Marketable Cricketer in India 2017

Virat Kohli has come a long way in the recent few years thanks to his absolute astonishing form with the bat. Most cricket experts regard him the best modern day batsman in the world and that too in all three formats. Kohli has taken his career to next level since 2011 world cup and he now captains India in all three formats. With his consistent top performances, he has also taken his brand value to a whole new level making him the most marketable cricketer in the world.

virat kohli net worth Highest Paid cricketer in the world

We take a look at Virat Kohli’s off the field success where he endorses as many as 15 high profile brands and also signed lucrative deals with BCCI and Royal Challengers Bangalore. First, we take a look at how much he earns with his BCCI central contract and Royal Challengers Bangalore deals.

virat kohli net income

virat kohli net income

Virat Kohli Net Worth: $40 million

  • Virat Kohli is the highest paid cricket in the world thanks to his BCCI central contract where he gets $190,000 a year in retainer fee plus captain bonus. He also earns $8,000 per match plus performance bonuses.
  • Kohli is the highest paid player in Indian Premier League for the third year in a row. With his contract with Royal Challengers Bangalore, he makes around $2.5 million (Rs 15 crore).
  • Kohli is also the most endorsed cricket in the world with lucrative deals with MRF, Audi, Adidas, PepsiCo, Tissot and several local Indian brands. Going into 2017 he is expected to make Rs. 100 crores a year ($14.6 million) from his endorsement deals.
Virat Kohli Salaries & Endorsement Deals
BCCI Central Contract$190,000 a year guaranteed plus $8,000 per match fee. Indian team usually play around 30 to 40 matches per year that takes his earnings from BCCI to over $400,000 easily. plus performance bonuses, in his case alot.$500,000
IPL ContractRoyal Challenger Bangalore retained Kohli with a record fee of $2.5 million for 2017 season. Nobody earns anywhere close to this amount in world cricket.$2.5 million
EndorsementsKohli management has two types of endorsement options. A. 3 day contract (Rs. 2 crore daily) B. yearly contract (Rs. 10 crore)
ADIDAS Kohli signed a yearly deal with Adidas back in 2013 worth $1.4 million a year (Rs 10 crores)$1.4 million
MRF Rs. 8 crore a year ($1.16 million a year)$1.16 million
PepsiCOAnother Rs 8 crore ( $1.16 million a year) a deal with Pepsi now see him partner Ranbir Kapoor as brand ambassador.
AudiAudi also signed undisclosed deal with Kohli which is sure to be over million a year plus include 1 top level car to Kohli every year.$1 million
Tissot Swiss watch maker Tissot also has a endorsement deal with Kohli but financial details are not disclosed.$1 million (approx)
Others (local Indian Brands)Kohli has as many as 15 endorsement deals with local Indian brands where he charges around Rs. 2 crore for three day promotions. Vicks, Boost, USL, TVS, Smaash, Nitesh Estate, Herbalife, and Colgate among many others.
According to Indian marketing firm Kohli will be making around Rs. 100 crores ($14.6 million) combined from all national and international endorsement deals in 2017.$10 million
TOTAL YEARLY INCOME So taking into account both his professional deals with BCCI & RCB and his lucrative endorsement deals Kohli is expected to clear around $20 million in 2017 in total income.$20 million

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virat kohli Sponsorship Deals

virat kohli Sponsorship Deals

Most Marketable Cricket In The World ?: Kohli’s brand is unparalleled in the cricketing world. Only MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar had the same marketing value in their peak years. Right now Kohli is well clear of any competitor in terms of marketing value. Kohli’s management team is Mumbai based company “Cornerstone Sport and Entertainment” lead by Bunty Sajdeh.

He predicts Kohli brand to reach the levels of some top level footballers in next couple of years. Kohli is widely expected to become first cricket in the world to get in the top 10 Forbes list of highest paid athletes.

Kohli just recent started his very own clothing brand called “WRONG” which already have over 30 branches all over India plus of course the online sales.

Anyway, folks, we can simply put it this way, Kohli is by far the highest paid cricket in the world and he has the ability and marketing value to become one of the highest-paid athletes in the world if he keeps on performing the way he is doing.

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