Q Mobile Best Games Latest Android Apps Collection Free Download

With the increasing popularity of Q-mobile smartphones in the world of cell phones; its demand in the market is also increasing with each passing day and they have been successfully meeting up to those expectations through their untiring efforts and triumph to satisfy their customer’s base with the best of their products. They have achieved a good position for themselves in the market in a very short span of time and have been pledging onwards for capturing a larger market share by giving more and more to their users.

Nowadays, the smartphones are not just used for connectivity or contacting purposes; but much more than that. On that note, the entertainment aspect comes on the number one position; for the users of Android smartphones are more keen and interested to get hooked up to the latest applications of the games, which is widely spreading these days. The area of gaming is getting expansion with every passing time and much development is being made through the inculcation of state-of-the art technologies in this area too. Therefore, today we are compiling a list of the Android games for Q-mobile smartphones to ease their users. Though there are number of games; however we’re presenting the top notched ones out of those, which includes;

Q Mobile Best Games Latest Android Apps Collection Free Download

1. Connect 2:
The game is about connecting the pairs of matching tiles and that is done quite aesthetically by creating a path between these pairs. The game requires a very keen attention of your mental skills and one need to be quite vigilant in making pairs, since the player needs to clear all the tiles, before its time runs out.

2. Treasure Hunt:
As the name depicts, the game is about collecting the jewels from the scrambled place. Therefore any fan of bejeweled would love to play this game, and in turn would be finding the treasures to form new ones.

3. M&Ms:
The game is about the famous M&Ms characters. In this game, the players have to shoot as many M&M characters as possible. The more you shot down, the more points you’ll be getting in the end.

4. Desert Rally:
Desert Rally is a racing game, which allows one to set up their vehicles with the gas fueling and then you’ve got to track down your car on the bumpy track of desert. The game is about your skills as for how long you can keep your track off the danger and keep it saved from any sort of smash downs.

5. Dirt Bike 2:
Dirt Bike 2 is not like the typical racing games of the bikes, in fact in this the player needs to keep a balance of your bike for as long as you can, keeping it safe from the objects that falls over it in order to create a dis-balance in your vehicle and eventually ruining your ride throughout the game. The game takes a test of your balance.

6. Turkey Attack:
The game is all about the bird; Turkeys. They keep on popping up from their small shelters and would be attacking on the player. However, the actual test comes as for how long will the player be able to resist these turkeys and can shoot as much through your shotgun, eventually having them fried up.

7. Pitching Game:
It’s a baseball game and all the baseball fans would love to have this game downloaded in their smart Q-mobile phones. The game allows one to go to a professional baseball zone of team, where the player gets a chance to hit the 10 balls by swinging that bat in your hands. In the game, you can also control the speed of the ball coming your way and can hit the way you want and in the direction you want to score the most.

8. The Heist:
The game is about getaway drivers. The game requires a player to become a getaway driver, by acquiring the money and as much points as one can. The player can not only earn points in the game, but can also utilize these points in order to hire specialists, and upgrading their vehicles to achieve the ultimate goals.

9. Shoot:
The game is perfect for some lethal shooting lovers. In the game, the player has to shoot the more aircrafts in order to score high points in the stipulated time. The more aircrafts you shot down within the time, the more levels you can cross earlier scoring higher and higher.

10. Mario Mini:
Taking the name of Mario reminds me of my childhood times, when I used to play crazy games of Mario on my domestic devices. But now with the progressed technology devices, we are getting all these games on our cell phones, and Mario Mini is one of them. In this game, the player is Mario Mini, who comes across with number of monsters. He has to kill as many monsters in combos in his way to unlock your access to new places.

The list for the Q-mobile Android supported games doesn’t end here, in fact there are lots more in the line, available for the players. These games keep on upgrading with latest versions and features along with some new ones coming in the market too. So keep yourself hooked up to your Q-mobile smartphone to enjoy these interesting gaming applications.

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