Diwali (2014) Traditional Playing Cards & Diwali Party Games

Diwali (2014) Traditional Playing Cards & Diwali Party GamesDiwail (2014) Traditional Playing Cards and Diwali Party Games is underline here. Here at our website now you can see the Tradition playing Cards and Diwali special Party Games on the Happy Diwali festival. The tradition of gambling on Diwali also has a legend behind it. It is believed that on this day, Goddess Parvati played dice with her husband Lord Shiva and she decreed that whosoever gambled on Diwali night would prosper throughout the ensuing year. The Gambling owner can get the more and much money from these Cards.

The Diwali party Games played on the occasion of Karva Chauth. This game played after the pooja between couple. When moon is come then this game will be start. The requirement of this game will be classified under below. Here at our website now can see the Traditional games and cards playing in the Happy Diwali parties. Visit to our website and watch more about it.

Things Required

  • A large dish/pot or parat filled with water
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • Some rose petals
  • 3-4 coins
  • One Ring

How To Play.

  • Mix milk in water in a large dish/pot or parat along with some rose petals, coins and one ring of the couple.
  • Ask them to dip their one hand in it and find the ring.
  • They will be given three chances.


  • ┬áThe one who finds the ring maximum number of times is the winner.

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