Diwali Rangoli (2014) Latest Patterns Design Video Watch & Download

Diwali Rangoli (2014) Latest Patterns Design Video Watch & DownloadDiwali Rangoli (2014) latest patterns Design Video is provided here. Now you can watch and download this video in mp4 and 3GP for mobile use. Here at our website now you can watch this video in HD720p and download it. Rangoli, a creative art done on the floors of the house or the entrance to welcome the Hindu goddess Lakshmi to our homes as she represents good fortune. This festival is performed the occasion of the Happy Diwali festival. The most attractive and much beautiful colors, coloured rice, flower petals, and coloured sand are using in for the preparation of the Rangoli.

Amongst the various Rangoli patterns and designs, the most popular being Rangoli with flowers, petals, lotus blossom or having other simple geometric shapes. Rangolis often depict peacocks or Hindu deities such as Ganesha, Laxmi or Rama. Diya Lamps and religious symbols of Hinduism such as Swastika and Om can be found inside the Rangoli images as well. In many cities of India, Rangoli competitions take place around the time of Diwali. Here at our website now can watch and download the complete video that have to make the Rangole in Happy Diwali. Visit to our website and watch the complete information, procedure, patterns and design of the making a video. At our website all the information about Diwali is provided here.

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