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Happy Rose Day 2015 Greetings Quotes Romantic SMS Messages Wishes

Valentine Love Week 2015 dates, love days name and schedule 7th To 14th Feb 2015 here. now you can watch the complete information about the Valentine day here. at our website the complete and latest full information about the Valentine Love week day here at our website. many people in the World celebrating this day with joy. Here many new and old love couple wishing which each other with love and best saying. The popuplarity of this day among the youth is very famous. Everyone celebrated this day. The special and nice status updates fo the Facebook and whatsapp here to watch online and download free.

Propose Day: means that many people around the world celebrated this day. and in this day the gifts/rose is given to the girls friends, boyfriends, relative and other family members to propose him. Now here all the propose day picture and images being provided with us and download it. This is celebrated in the 8th Feb. here now you can watch online share all the new greeting Romantic SMS Messages and best wishes. the basic of this day is to giving the roses to the Girlfriend, Boyfriends, family members and other relative for the wellbeing. here at our website now you now you can watch online the share the best Quotes, Romantic SMS & Messages of the best wishes here with best and nice context best images and picture with Gallery here to watch online and send to your best friend.

To ask you to be my Valentine
I’d have to talk to you,
Something that in all this time
I’ve managed not to do.
٠٠••●●ღ ♥ ღ٠٠••●●
I’d have to get past “Hi!” somehow
To show you that I care,
But the right time is never now,
Especially when you’re there.
٠٠••●●ღ ♥ ღ٠٠••●●
It’s as if a wall of fear,
Transparent yet profound,
Came hurtling up as you come near,
Cutting off all sound.
٠٠••●●ღ ♥ ღ٠٠••●●
I fear I won’t know what to say
And strike you as a fool,
Or you’ll be glad to get away,
Polite not to be cruel.
Easier to dream than act,
To hope than to find out,
So fearful of the force of fact
I wait in fear-filled doubt.
٠٠••●●ღ ♥ ღ٠٠••●●
But now the day of love has come,
And I must cross its line,
And so I ask you through this poem
To be my Valentine.
٠٠••●●ღ ♥ ღ٠٠••●●
Tears can sometimes be more special than smiles…
For smiles can be given to any one…
But tears are only shed for people we love!
Happy Valentine’s Day !
٠٠••●●ღ ♥ ღ٠٠••●●
Love is not how long u’ve been together,
Not how much u’ve given or receive,
Not how many times u’ve helped each other,
It’s how u value each other !
Happy Valentine’s Day !
٠٠••●●ღ ♥ ღ٠٠••●●

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