Imran Khan (PTI) Mianwali Jalsa Live Speech 2nd October 2014

Imran Khan (PTI) Live Speech Mianwali Jalsa 2nd October 2014

Imran Khan (PTI) live speech of the today Mianwali Jalsa 2nd October 2014 is live streaming tv channels online coverage here. Watch the live speech of the Imran khan with Ataullah Essa Khelvi at Mianwali jalsa full Video available here and Jalsa on the date of 2nd October 2014. All the live movement live streaming is provided here at our website. Now a day the political situation of the Pakistan is twisted from many corners. Every political party has attended the great gathering of the people. PTI has seized the red zone since 14 August 2104. The Imran khan has attended the very large Jalsa in Lahore Mine-e-Pakistan. Now Sonami has turned to the Mainwali and to participate the great congress. Imran Khan is unfortified with the running and current establishment. He said that Nawaz Sharif is a corrupt person. The Mianwali Jalsa many people who like Imran khan and fans are the Imran khan are waiting for him. A lot of people are coming to the mianwali. The Jalsa place is full from the people and still people are coming to the Mianwali. The DJ but is set the new Tune on this jalsa on the slogan of GO Nawaz GO.

Here at our website now you can watch the live jalsa of the Imran khan and listen the live speech of the Imran khan. Here at our website the live Jalsa coverage is provided here to watch here. Imran khan speeches start at 5:00 P.M at evening time. The Party anthem song is also playing by the DJ But and many people are like the PTI songs. Here at our website the entire jalsa live telecast is provided by many TV channel like SAMA news, EXPRESS news, ARY News and many News channel are broadcasted this jalso. Now you can watch the live speech, live people activity, live analysis and live streaming of the complete Jalsa is provided h here at our website. visit to our website and watch the Imran khan grand Jalsa in Mianwali.

Watch Imran Khan (PTI) Mianwali Jalsa Live Speech:

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