India’s 67th Independence Day Special Events & Celebration Programs 2013

Independence day for every nation is an important day in their history, since that day they’ve achieved a space on this world for themselves, where they breathe freely, live freely and can do anything they wants, staying in the laws….all freely without any forceful interruptions and any external intrusions.

Indian citizens celebrate their independence day with full warmth and love for their country and with complete enthusiasm register their promises to excel for their country. To fulfill that purpose, Indians world over celebrate their Independence Day beautifully, which starts off with an array of live, on-air shows and various programs depicting their love for their beloved homeland. Therefore, we’re listing down here some of the salient events of the day, which are followed very ritually every year.

India's 67th Independence Day Special Events & Celebration Programs 2013

Celebration Events:
Keeping in mind the day and its importance in everyone’s life in India, people take special measures to assure programs are listed down one by one, which have become a regular part of this day. These events prominently include;

1.    Institutes:
All schools and colleges all over India gathers up and rejoices the day by organizing various interesting shows in their institutes along with efforts made by their students. People meet up with each other, and a special kind of a special gathering is formed up in order to celebrate the day along with some cultural plans.

2.    Kites Flying:
At night of Independence Day, the sky is completely covered with colorful and brilliant kites. This ritual specifically signifies the freedom of its citizens and their joyful freedom experience of the nation.

3.    Flag raising ceremony:
This Flag raising ceremony on the Independence Day is conducted in every prestige organization or institute, where national anthem is sung by the respected people belonging to that particular group of institute of organization. Everybody bows down to their national flag, showing their utmost respect and love for their country.

4.    In Media:
Media nowadays has become way stronger that it was ever before. When it is so empowered, how can it not play its role in celebration of Indians Independence Day this year, 2013. Realizing many people sits back at home on this very special day; TV channels conduct special live and recorded shows and no matter which channel you may switch on to; everybody gets to watch related shows for this day. However, out of all prominent ones, the one to be listed on the top is live program on “Doordarshan”, to which the audience keep on waiting for is the prime ministers speech, national anthem, and various documentaries based on the Independence struggle are strictly followed and viewed by every Indian citizens.

India's 67th Independence Day Special Events & Celebration Programs 2013 India's 67th Independence Day Special Events & Celebration Programs 2013-1

In lieu of that, TV channels broadcast specially set up cultural shows, along with national songs to arouse nations’ patriotism.

5.    Filming Industry:
Like every other genre of life and area, the Independence Day is celebrated strictly by film industry of Indian as well, Bollywood. Special movies are produced and are released on this very special day.

6.    Holiday:
The day is commemorated as the off day by every working area, institutes, businesses and markets.

7.    India Gate Celebrations:
The most important part of the Indian National Independence Day is held at the India Gate, which is a classy place to go and sit back and hang out on this special day. The side roads are decorated with cute ribbons and beautifully made flags in all sizes.

8.    Red Fort, Delhi:
Among the important ones, the chief event is conducted at the capital city of India, at Red Fort, New Delhi. There gathers up a large group of people and Prime Minister hoists the three colors at the cordons of the Red Fort. Not only that, but a salutation of 21 guns is being given for the country’s love, which follows by the Prime Ministers address to the nation.

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