Indonesia Independence Day 2013 Celebration Events & Festival

Indonesian Independence Day 2013 Celebration Events & Festival

Independence Day for every nation holds a great importance, for it has a great value attached to it from the freedom perspective. All the lively nations of the world celebrate their respective solidarity days with complete enthusiasm and make special arrangements to celebrate this day at the max. Indonesia’s Independence Day is approaching for year 2013 and many special programs have been arranged in this context too.

The Day!
This special day is celebrated in the perfect manner in number of ways and many special arrangements have been made to make the most of the day. Not only this, but citizens engage themselves in numerous activities for this day in order to show off their love and respect for their country. However, Indonesians greet each other the Independence Day through saying;

Selamat Memperingati hari Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Republic
Indonesia Yang Ke-68 Merdeka!

Indonesia celebrates their Independence Day yearly on 17th August, to mark their declaration and solidarity in front of the world. They achieved their freedom back in 1945, as before that they were colonized by Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese for more than 300 years. In their language, they call it Hari Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia or just Hari Proklamasi too. They have their major celebrations held in Negara Republik Indonesia.

Day Celebrations:
The solidarity day of Indonesia is expected to be started off from the 10th of August and will last up till 30th August, 2013, which makes more than 2 weeks of constant celebrations throughout. In this tenure, they gather up special programs to their pipeline. Indonesians also refer to this day as the “Tujuhbelasan”, which means the festival of the seventeenth. Though as a maritime country, Indonesia doesn’t specifically have consistent island counts, but in in schools and institutes, they taught the students that the country has around 17845 islands, which is taken up from their Independence date which is 17th day of 8th month, in 1945.

Indonesian Independence Day 2013 Celebration Events & Festival Indonesian Independence Day 2013 Celebration Events & Festival

Indonesian Independence Day 2013 Celebration Events & FestivalIndonesian Independence Day 2013 Celebration Events & Festival

However talking particularly about the day celebrations, below would give a perfect idea;

1.    Flag Raising Ceremony:
The special day, 17th August, the Indonesian Independence Day starts with unfurling of their national flag by the President of Indonesia. People watches this ceremony live and some sit back at home on this day and enjoys this moment on their Television screens with their national anthems being sung.

2.    Day-off:
For the commemoration of this special occasion, all the private and government owned institutions, businesses and offices remain closed. They started preparing for this day from the past 2-3 months, to ensure everything goes perfect on this special festive day. All sorts of businesses and individuals play their parts both socially and financially to participate in the preparations and decorate their residences and local area with different decorative items, including leaf flags, Indonesia big red-white flags and other regulatory banners.

Since from the past 2 years, the Independence Day of Indonesia came during the month of Ramadan, which had limitations of celebrations….but as for year 2013, the day is expected to come with more festivities than ever before, since it is coming after the month of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr too.

3.    Competitions & Concerts:
The locals and citizens of Indonesia hold special kinds of competitions for this day, which includes general knowledge competitions, quizzes and gaming activities. The tourists from all around the world will get to see numerous activities being carried out on this day for their attractions. Additionally, free concerts are arranged where singers perform their songs for the love of their homeland and entertain the audiences.

4.    Parades:
Special marching bands show off their parading activities on the local streets, where huge number of people are gathered up to witness this parade. The parade normally includes a wide array of participants including people coming with their decorative cars, bikes, barongs, and kuda lumpings.

5.    Panjat Pinang:
Panjat Pinang is the game, which is hugely famous among the local citizens of Indonesians. In this game, people make up their teams of around 3-4 person, who each tries to climb up the slippery poles to catch up with the gifts and prizes hanged up there on the top of the pole. The game is really fun to watch, since they do crazy acts while climbing up.

6.    Festivity in Tribeca Park:
The festivities for the Independence Day start from the 12th of August and remain till 18th August, where all the youngsters depicts their love for their homeland in different and unique ways. This occasion is held in Tribeca Park, the central part in Jakarta. This festival includes the creativities of the younger generation, along with music, dances, various entertainment performances, competitions, carnivals and number of thrilling programs. Most importantly, the occasion focuses on the importance of understanding the meaning of “Independence” and its true sense and spirit through their campaign.

Indonesian Independence Day 2013 Celebration Events & Festival Indonesian Independence Day 2013 Celebration Events & Festival

7.    Exhibitions:
Various kinds of art related exhibitions, focusing of painting and photography ones, which takes place from 12th to 18th August. The occasion will include the performance for “Each one for all’ by the EFA project and many more along to that.

8.    Dangdut Football:
Adding little insanity to the day; people gather up to play their favorite crazy going game of Dangdut football. All the grown men plays soccer dressed up in silk hugging sarongs, which is again a fun treat to watch.

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