London Notting Hill Carnival 2013 Festival Celebrations

Every country has their wide array of festivities to be religiously followed and celebrated on on-going basis, which they celebrate in their own customary manners. However, the month of August is all set up for London…. Yes London for the biggest ever “Notting Hill Carnival” for 2013 is approaching. London streets are going to come alive once again, with colors floating all over its streets and diverse people will be showcasing their talents through their unforgettable performances.

The Notting Hill festival is known to be the biggest Europe’s street festival; with almost millions of people witnessing and participating live in it. In the same context, we’re going to put a real info for our viewer here, who doesn’t know much about this special occasion in a bit comprehensive detail.

London Notting Hill Carnival 2013 Festival Celebrations London Notting Hill Carnival 2013 Festival Celebrations

Every occasion when celebrated strictly in a cultural place has somewhere its roots, cultivated deep inside with a special purpose. However, talking here about the Notting Hill Carnival, which is held on yearly basis in London, United Kingdom, has its own history too, which we have compiled up for you down here.

This carnival started off initially in 1964, basically as an offshoot of the Trinidad Carnival, which had a purpose of collecting people from diversified cultures to one central point and exhibit their cultural themes through their performances and their appearances. The festival caught up to its Caribbean roots, which has in true sense brought up much diversity in the streets of London on one particular day.

There’s no hard and fast rules for the participants of the Notting Hill Carnival…therefore anyone can come and join the festivities and participate through their customary exhibits. However, when the first carnival took place, only 500 people attended it. Over years, that ratio of participants kept on increasing and in last year 2012, almost forty thousand people attended it and this year the number of participants is expected to go around 50,000 for the performers and around 2.5 million from the attendants end.

When & Where:
The Carnival for year 2013 has been planned to be set for the month of August and therefore, 25 and 26 of August are going to be the most happening than ever before, where millions of people will be all gathered up to witness this festive occasion full of tradition and customs.

The festival is almost spread over 20 miles on the street with having countless people showcasing themselves in colorful attires. As for the where aspect; the Carnival starts from the Great Western Road, which goes up to Chepstow Road and from there on to Westbourne Grove meeting their ends eventually at the Ladbroke Grove road.

Carnival Highlights:
The Notting Hill Carnival is all equipped up with the entire entertaining package, which includes everything necessary to ensure the people will enjoy it to the most. The Carnival comes with the diversified entertaining activities; which includes performances to entertain audiences, food stalls, music and what not.

1.    Food Stalls:
Since the festival is growing every year…people from all cadres offers volunteering services to look after the organizing section. Different food stall from Caribbean background are set up, ensuring tasty and mouthwatering food to the participants and the audiences too.

2.    Music:
The carnival has all what it takes to become the most entertaining and exciting festival ever; for they have special arrangements for music as well, which mesmerizes the audience in great manner. You’ll get to see the sounds of traditional steel drum bands, on massive sound systems, with thousands of performers dancing up beat high on the streets of London.

In the festival, Saturday is going to be the Steel band competition, where performers will be trying all hard to entertain the audiences at their best and stand on the number one position.

3.    Kids’ Day:
Sunday is usually the Kid’s Day in the Notting Hill Carnival, where they come all dressed up in their unique costumes, and the best one gets the prizes and different awards.

4.    Parade:
The final showcasing Parade of the Caribbean diversity comes alive on Monday. The Parade exhibits the performers dressed up in their themed colorful dresses, which proceeds eventually to the Notting Hill road from its starting point.

5.    Parties:
The Carnival doesn’t just end up here…but lasts for long even after the parade when the day light goes down….the party time starts up. Many public and private parties take place, which has the crux of all the festivity that people have seen up throughout the 3 days event of the festival.

Though the preparations have been all set up; we’ve got to see how many participants and audiences we’re going to witness in this years’ Notting Hill Carnival, since its popularity is increasing every year with its number of participants and the audiences as well adding up to.

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